Beauty Rituals

I had met with Rebecca the other day for tea. She brought a friend over (sorry no pics available) Anyway, that friend asked me for a recipe of how I keep my looks youthful. I thought maybe I should share that on my blog. Most people still card me and are shocked at my age. … Continue reading Beauty Rituals


Night transformation 

At night the hospital had a different life and colour to it. The ER at night. I had moved to Richard's, time was slipping away from my hands as running water. Yet I managed to shake things up. Whenever Richard was busy or out I danced like a maniac in the room haha I decided … Continue reading Night transformation 

Transitions 🚖🚗🚐🏍

For the last few weeks in the Green House, everything was a blur. I think finally the altitude was getting to me 😅 In Amsterdam I thought my partying night was the last of its kind! I surely was wrong. Glimpse of Amsterdam night out avec mijne Cora Back in Nepal, the last few weeks … Continue reading Transitions 🚖🚗🚐🏍

Back to the future

Actually, before we go to Amsterdam, I must share this story. Exactly how crazy one can be! I need some taming but I can never be tamed. A little slow day at the hosptial, had tea with Dr. Tez and Dentist Valiente (that is what helikes to call himself haha) While the babies play around … Continue reading Back to the future