Busy Bee 🐝

I am really slacking off on the daily promised post, n'est-ce pas? However, I apologise for it and further below shall I explain why the laziness on posting. In fact it is not laziness, rather it is busy-ness. Still, I managed to put my biannual henna in my hair. First off, among the 5 days … Continue reading Busy Bee 🐝


Alone at last 🙄

My 4th week was starting in the hospital. I was going alone, quite exciting as I was looking forward to befriending the staff. Things to know about me: I am a carefree person. I love teasing people and joke around with them (easy way to make friends, sometimes 😅) I am so frank and honest … Continue reading Alone at last 🙄

Turkish cleaning companies.

As I say goodbye to my lovely Cora, I ran through security and immigration control with un-tied shoe laces. Let's just take one minute of your time to say that immigration control has nothing to do with control whatsoever! chaos and rudeness. Except when I was passing through Edinburgh, it was a breeze. Even security … Continue reading Turkish cleaning companies.