Beauty Rituals

I had met with Rebecca the other day for tea. She brought a friend over (sorry no pics available) Anyway, that friend asked me for a recipe of how I keep my looks youthful. I thought maybe I should share that on my blog. Most people still card me and are shocked at my age. … Continue reading Beauty Rituals


Forgotten πŸ€”

Surely I will forget many people and things when I write this blog. Β But I am going to try my best to go through my images and remember what happened and who I met. See, here is how I function. My memory capacity is reserved for medicine. Anything else, is of no matter or significane. … Continue reading Forgotten πŸ€”

When in Nepal II πŸž

As we previously seen, Nepal is a land not only of nature wonders and beauty, but wonders of many other aspects! Pictures below taken from my trip to Chitwan and Pokharah (sunrise watching on Sarangkot was πŸ‘Œ) One thing I would like to mention that I actually like about Nepal, smoking πŸ”₯🚭🚭is not allowed in … Continue reading When in Nepal II πŸž