Madrid at night 🌃💃 ?

Pokhara is such a tourist(ie) city. Local and international tourism. According to Sondre, Pokhara seems like Madrid at night, hence the popularity of the city. Quite an interesting remark, I never been to Madrid so I would not know any better. I was, however, wondering why the city was so popular. On the way to … Continue reading Madrid at night 🌃💃 ?


Jungle Mangle 🏞

As the 5th week approach, me and Laura excitedly packed to go to Chitwan and Pokharah. Before we left, we had asked Rajesh to book our Chitwan trip. The Green Lion books trips for volunteers. Rajesh told me they do not take a percentage but it sure does not make any sense. Especially that a … Continue reading Jungle Mangle 🏞