Beauty Rituals

I had met with Rebecca the other day for tea. She brought a friend over (sorry no pics available) Anyway, that friend asked me for a recipe of how I keep my looks youthful. I thought maybe I should share that on my blog. Most people still card me and are shocked at my age. … Continue reading Beauty Rituals


khana 🚫 leftovers 

This is the entry that I have been promising for awhile. Food entry Food has not been such a concern for many people. Suddenly the entire world is interested in good food! I assume society becoming a tad cheaper and people a tad richer yield in the sudden climax of interest in food! Good food … Continue reading khana 🚫 leftovers 

When in Nepal …

Before proceeding with the adventure, I must pause and mention a few things you should know about Nepal. People in Nepal are hustlers. They hustle every day and all day long, I was picked up and dropped off home by same buses with same conductors and drivers after over 7 hours. Respect 🖑 The fact … Continue reading When in Nepal …

Step 1

14th September 2016 I was wrapping up my life in Edinburgh. That city is so charming, I can never put it in words. I loved the city but hated my life in it. My life there was boring, hustling for money and studying with no relaxing time or fun. The building on the right has … Continue reading Step 1