Forgotten #2

I am surely to miss certain moments while I travel. So here is what I found from Thailand. The time I took the MRT ... I felt so much like being in a communist/ ex communist country. Creeps. That moment me and my uncle (con his friends) go for a foot massage. This cute thing … Continue reading Forgotten #2


Nong Sao 👩

My little sister. She is the only one I can actually say her nickname without butchering it 😂 Gigi. She is my only pretty sister among my 3 Thai brothers. Actually I forgot to take picture with cousin 😔 and uncle.  Anyway, nong Sao is studying law. She is quite busy like nong schay #2. … Continue reading Nong Sao 👩

Home 🏠 you say? 🏚😏

Upon arriving to my next destination, Bangkok, Thailand; I managed to come up with an answer to every nomad and TCK question. Where is home? Home = freedom and cheap food. I will write about how Thailand is home in just a minute. First I must say, Scotland was the only other country that made … Continue reading Home 🏠 you say? 🏚😏

Goodbyes 🖑

As an extra conclusion to the last entry of love, just get an arranged marriage and let all the love go to hell 😂 poor Nepalis. Time was passing so quickly, I had to make a decision where I want to be next. I must leave Nepal, visa was expiring. Also I was getting sick, … Continue reading Goodbyes 🖑

Oxytocin 💔

Scientist have managed to sort out the hormones during stages of love. But Oxycontin is the one most people recognise or associate with love. So, to sort out the facts for my readers, there are testosterone, estrogen, adrenaline, dopamine, sérotonine, and some studies showed vasopressin. These are hormones that should be associated avec love not … Continue reading Oxytocin 💔

What is 🎂🍰? 

Among the population of this earth, 96.37% love cake (yes I made this up😂) But for a real fact "Researchers concluded that cravings for the dessert were similar to those experienced by drug addicts. They found that the brain was left wanting more while eating ice cream in the same way as a person who regularly uses cocaine." Cake is my … Continue reading What is 🎂🍰? 

Dutch wave of #%÷@$ 🌬 & boy gang 😎😎😎

Laura had gone, Monique was gone same day we left to Chitwan, Stephanie and Kristina were gone. I was left all alone in the house. Anke was there but she was busy doing her own thing. G as per the usual was just getting drunk and having fun 😅 Drunk picture of G and Lena … Continue reading Dutch wave of #%÷@$ 🌬 & boy gang 😎😎😎