Cyclone 🌬🌪

On the way back, we had a fun bus ride! Thing is people here really like Justin Bieber As we arrive back in the Green House, I discovered my blue hand made necklace was stolen from my locked bag! How? I am not sure! 😑 They made little to no effort to find it too! … Continue reading Cyclone 🌬🌪


Jungle Mangle 🏞

As the 5th week approach, me and Laura excitedly packed to go to Chitwan and Pokharah. Before we left, we had asked Rajesh to book our Chitwan trip. The Green Lion books trips for volunteers. Rajesh told me they do not take a percentage but it sure does not make any sense. Especially that a … Continue reading Jungle Mangle 🏞

Gangs and brothel like hotels

Nepal-Friday/Saturday 15th October 2016 After having a few conversations with Rajan, I learnt a few things about Nepal. Also a few conversations with Stephanie (an American anthropologist who lived in the house with us) had been working with women who suffered from trafficking. I heard many stories from her as well. Conclusion, people can be … Continue reading Gangs and brothel like hotels

When in Nepal …

Before proceeding with the adventure, I must pause and mention a few things you should know about Nepal. People in Nepal are hustlers. They hustle every day and all day long, I was picked up and dropped off home by same buses with same conductors and drivers after over 7 hours. Respect 🖑 The fact … Continue reading When in Nepal …

Back to the future

Actually, before we go to Amsterdam, I must share this story. Exactly how crazy one can be! I need some taming but I can never be tamed. A little slow day at the hosptial, had tea with Dr. Tez and Dentist Valiente (that is what helikes to call himself haha) While the babies play around … Continue reading Back to the future