Entre amis 💕💛💞

It has been a huge topic recently, that it is difficult for the young generations to make friends. Or that when you are at a working age, you cannot seem to make friends easily. Or the fact that as you grow older it is harder to make new friends. Comic from @fowlcomics But Still you should not … Continue reading Entre amis 💕💛💞


My monks ⛩

One day I felt so special and saw many jealous envious looks my way, no not because of my beauty or body 🤡 but of my monks. My monk friend, Balram, and I had planned to drink cha yin (cold tea) Thai tea. He invited his friend as well, khieou. I was a girl of … Continue reading My monks ⛩

Night transformation 

At night the hospital had a different life and colour to it. The ER at night. I had moved to Richard's, time was slipping away from my hands as running water. Yet I managed to shake things up. Whenever Richard was busy or out I danced like a maniac in the room haha I decided … Continue reading Night transformation 

The beginning (not really)

I have contemplated how I shall start my blog, I came to the conclusion that I will do it films style. Which film style? the ones where they start mid story and go back and forth. As in my brain this is how life is, mashed potatoes haha. Today Monday 14 of November 2016, it … Continue reading The beginning (not really)