Busy Bee 🐝

I am really slacking off on the daily promised post, n'est-ce pas? However, I apologise for it and further below shall I explain why the laziness on posting. In fact it is not laziness, rather it is busy-ness. Still, I managed to put my biannual henna in my hair. First off, among the 5 days … Continue reading Busy Bee 🐝


Random 💃

I have lost track of what I should be writing about. Thus, I am going to mention random things that has happened thus far. Let's start with my reality, haha I have a thing, I dance whenever I feel like it. I once rolled a stripper move on the poll of Edinburgh's bus 😂😂 got … Continue reading Random 💃

Forgotten 🤔

Surely I will forget many people and things when I write this blog.  But I am going to try my best to go through my images and remember what happened and who I met. See, here is how I function. My memory capacity is reserved for medicine. Anything else, is of no matter or significane. … Continue reading Forgotten 🤔

What is 🎂🍰? 

Among the population of this earth, 96.37% love cake (yes I made this up😂) But for a real fact "Researchers concluded that cravings for the dessert were similar to those experienced by drug addicts. They found that the brain was left wanting more while eating ice cream in the same way as a person who regularly uses cocaine." Cake is my … Continue reading What is 🎂🍰? 

khana 🚫 leftovers 

This is the entry that I have been promising for awhile. Food entry Food has not been such a concern for many people. Suddenly the entire world is interested in good food! I assume society becoming a tad cheaper and people a tad richer yield in the sudden climax of interest in food! Good food … Continue reading khana 🚫 leftovers 

Transitions 🚖🚗🚐🏍

For the last few weeks in the Green House, everything was a blur. I think finally the altitude was getting to me 😅 In Amsterdam I thought my partying night was the last of its kind! I surely was wrong. Glimpse of Amsterdam night out avec mijne Cora Back in Nepal, the last few weeks … Continue reading Transitions 🚖🚗🚐🏍

Dutch wave of #%÷@$ 🌬 & boy gang 😎😎😎

Laura had gone, Monique was gone same day we left to Chitwan, Stephanie and Kristina were gone. I was left all alone in the house. Anke was there but she was busy doing her own thing. G as per the usual was just getting drunk and having fun 😅 Drunk picture of G and Lena … Continue reading Dutch wave of #%÷@$ 🌬 & boy gang 😎😎😎