Medical Gibberish

WARNING: Gory stuff present in this post  I feel it is strange that I claim that I am a doctor-to-be and medicβ›‘, but I rarely ever post about medicine. white coat and all 😜 There is surely a reason, and it is that usually medical staff do not like to surround themselves with medicine, or people … Continue reading Medical Gibberish


Superwoman πŸ’ͺ

Since I was young, my godmother, a very strong femnine women, lived a harsh life to raise me to be a strong woman. Who can still be a feminine lady, and survive the male-dominated world. Immigrant parents, generally, do a lot for their children. I remember vaguely how difficult it was for my godparents to … Continue reading Superwoman πŸ’ͺ

Forgotten πŸ€”

Surely I will forget many people and things when I write this blog. Β But I am going to try my best to go through my images and remember what happened and who I met. See, here is how I function. My memory capacity is reserved for medicine. Anything else, is of no matter or significane. … Continue reading Forgotten πŸ€”

Cyclone 🌬πŸŒͺ

On the way back, we had a fun bus ride! Thing is people here really like Justin Bieber As we arrive back in the Green House, I discovered my blue hand made necklace was stolen from my locked bag! How? I am not sure! πŸ˜‘ They made little to no effort to find it too! … Continue reading Cyclone 🌬πŸŒͺ

Gangs and brothel like hotels

Nepal-Friday/Saturday 15th October 2016 After having a few conversations with Rajan, I learnt a few things about Nepal. Also a few conversations with Stephanie (an American anthropologist who lived in the house with us) had been working with women who suffered from trafficking. I heard many stories from her as well. Conclusion, people can be … Continue reading Gangs and brothel like hotels