Hills, green, animals. The Scottish highlands

Every time life shuts all my doors, windows, peeps, any hole, I pick up my ready bag and leave, go wherever I go, so long it is a destination for my mind to hit a reset button. Be it my old home, London Or a place I never been before With the nature of my … Continue reading Hills, green, animals. The Scottish highlands


Beauty Rituals

I had met with Rebecca the other day for tea. She brought a friend over (sorry no pics available) Anyway, that friend asked me for a recipe of how I keep my looks youthful. I thought maybe I should share that on my blog. Most people still card me and are shocked at my age. … Continue reading Beauty Rituals

That is so ‘minging’ 🤢

Remember what I said about the wind here? There are 2 videos for you🍃  Ah there were swans in the background but I almost flew away thus couldn't capture very well I never knew I will be back to Edinburgh. I love 💞 the city regardless of my loneliness in it. I got to see … Continue reading That is so ‘minging’ 🤢

Holy 🕉🏯

Meanwhile in Bangkok  Today, thanks to my beautiful Pasang (I miss you) I got to meet one of her Monk friends, Somehow I could not manage to meet her brother (who is another monk in Thailand) But I got to meet Balram. I have decided I will intrude on his time and try to open a … Continue reading Holy 🕉🏯

Home 🏠 you say? ðŸšðŸ˜

Upon arriving to my next destination, Bangkok, Thailand; I managed to come up with an answer to every nomad and TCK question. Where is home? Home = freedom and cheap food. I will write about how Thailand is home in just a minute. First I must say, Scotland was the only other country that made … Continue reading Home 🏠 you say? ðŸšðŸ˜

Jungle Mangle 🏞

As the 5th week approach, me and Laura excitedly packed to go to Chitwan and Pokharah. Before we left, we had asked Rajesh to book our Chitwan trip. The Green Lion books trips for volunteers. Rajesh told me they do not take a percentage but it sure does not make any sense. Especially that a … Continue reading Jungle Mangle 🏞

Step 1

14th September 2016 I was wrapping up my life in Edinburgh. That city is so charming, I can never put it in words. I loved the city but hated my life in it. My life there was boring, hustling for money and studying with no relaxing time or fun. The building on the right has … Continue reading Step 1