Middetrienaian lifestyle & Fanatics

I know it has been a while since I posted anything. I have been busy with exams and studying. I learnt that cities and countries near the middertrienian live such a calm and slow lifestyle. Not quite the London that I grew up in, nor the America that I adulted in. Regardless of how slow … Continue reading Middetrienaian lifestyle & Fanatics


Sloth with an attitude.

note: never mind the wrong spellings on my snaps/photos, I type too fast and do not realise it until I post it. I mentioned that I have gotten back to Cyprus to sort out my documents with the university. Classes are supposed to start on the 18th of September. As I write this, I still … Continue reading Sloth with an attitude.

Abandoned Haven

As I am almost settled in Cyprus, I am already ready to leave. I shall leave the moaning for another post and show you how beautiful Famagusta was like. I asked Batu to leave the city and go to Famagusta, according to different cites, it seems like a tourist hot spot aka beach is what I … Continue reading Abandoned Haven

Beach 🏖et islands 🏝

How can anyone be fair to Thailand, to go there and not visit an island or beach? I can. A month and a half after my stay I had only gone to Rayong beach. Thanks to Alaine, my super girl, I got to meet Emma, my Thai girl. Emma, lives in the north pole like I … Continue reading Beach 🏖et islands 🏝


I kept thinking how will I begin to write about my Thai family. I decided I will write a post per member. They are quite special 💞 When I was making my booking on Airbnb. I came across Guang's profile and when I saw it is living with a family I was sold. Without them … Continue reading Pischay