Forgotten #2

I am surely to miss certain moments while I travel. So here is what I found from Thailand. The time I took the MRT ... I felt so much like being in a communist/ ex communist country. Creeps. That moment me and my uncle (con his friends) go for a foot massage. This cute thing … Continue reading Forgotten #2


Beach πŸ–et islands πŸ

How can anyone be fair to Thailand, to go there and not visit an island or beach? I can. A month and a half after my stay I had only gone to Rayong beach. Thanks toΒ Alaine, my super girl, I got to meet Emma, my Thai girl. Emma, lives in the north pole like I … Continue reading Beach πŸ–et islands πŸ

Thai massage πŸ’†

Massages are quite important for health. That said I skip meals to get massages. Thai massage has been a favourite since I moved to Edinburgh and met my Thai massage therapist. I fell in love and forgot my oil massages. Some massages were so not worth it in Thailand. Like my first one (Claro my … Continue reading Thai massage πŸ’†

My monks β›©

One day I felt so special and saw many jealous envious looks my way, no not because of my beauty or body 🀑 but of my monks. My monk friend, Balram, and I had planned to drink cha yin (cold tea) Thai tea. He invited his friend as well, khieou. I was a girl of … Continue reading My monks β›©

Nong Sao πŸ‘©

My little sister. She is the only one I can actually say her nickname without butchering it πŸ˜‚ Gigi. She is my only pretty sister among my 3 Thai brothers. Actually I forgot to take picture with cousin πŸ˜” and uncle.  Anyway, nong Sao is studying law. She is quite busy like nong schay #2. … Continue reading Nong Sao πŸ‘©

Nong schay #2 πŸ‘¦

My nong schay #2 is usually busy with his lab. But my first few days I saw him quite often and as per my usual, I bothered him with so many questions about where to go and what to do. He recommended a lot for me. He is quite sweet as well, like the entire … Continue reading Nong schay #2 πŸ‘¦

Nong schay πŸ‘¨

* nong schay = younger brother  Guang is the face of Airbnb profile. I think that by default makes our communication the most among the family members. The first day I arrived they were so excited to host me as a first guest 😍 I loved it.  We had an outing together to the different wats/ temples … Continue reading Nong schay πŸ‘¨