Busy Bee 🐝

I am really slacking off on the daily promised post, n'est-ce pas? However, I apologise for it and further below shall I explain why the laziness on posting. In fact it is not laziness, rather it is busy-ness. Still, I managed to put my biannual henna in my hair. First off, among the 5 days … Continue reading Busy Bee 🐝


Nong schay 👨

* nong schay = younger brother  Guang is the face of Airbnb profile. I think that by default makes our communication the most among the family members. The first day I arrived they were so excited to host me as a first guest 😍 I loved it.  We had an outing together to the different wats/ temples … Continue reading Nong schay 👨


I kept thinking how will I begin to write about my Thai family. I decided I will write a post per member. They are quite special 💞 When I was making my booking on Airbnb. I came across Guang's profile and when I saw it is living with a family I was sold. Without them … Continue reading Pischay