¿dónde está le Autumn ?

It is said keeping busy is a good thing. I have been awfully busy with university and trying to manage this society's conservtive rules (more like run away from them). First before I forget, the nursing building, almost out of its skeleton shape. As I await my class to commence, I try to hide from … Continue reading ¿dónde está le Autumn ?


Sloth with an attitude.

note: never mind the wrong spellings on my snaps/photos, I type too fast and do not realise it until I post it. I mentioned that I have gotten back to Cyprus to sort out my documents with the university. Classes are supposed to start on the 18th of September. As I write this, I still … Continue reading Sloth with an attitude.

Come again ?

I said a moaning post is coming up. If you are easily offended please exit now and spare me. This post is not with the intent to generalise but to speak of my own experience, so if all my experiences were bad, tough luck. Sometimes people around me tell me things that puts me in … Continue reading Come again ?

Abandoned Haven

As I am almost settled in Cyprus, I am already ready to leave. I shall leave the moaning for another post and show you how beautiful Famagusta was like. I asked Batu to leave the city and go to Famagusta, according to different cites, it seems like a tourist hot spot aka beach is what I … Continue reading Abandoned Haven

Kitties, Rakı, and heat

A few days were left of my stay in Istanbul as I had finally found a flat in the half Island of Cyprus. There were a few things on my to do list. First and most importantly, play with the kitties in the streets. There are so many of them, I get so distracted while … Continue reading Kitties, Rakı, and heat

Lost in size 🌃🏙

An hour and 2 chapters of my book away, finally I passed the long line in Ataturk airport. I saw Tan and we went back to his family's flat. Also I met beloved chicho. Talk about a massive/huge city. I have been to many cities in my life, but never one as big as Istanbul! … Continue reading Lost in size 🌃🏙