¿dónde está le Autumn ?

It is said keeping busy is a good thing. I have been awfully busy with university and trying to manage this society's conservtive rules (more like run away from them). First before I forget, the nursing building, almost out of its skeleton shape. As I await my class to commence, I try to hide from … Continue reading ¿dónde está le Autumn ?


Entre amis 💕💛💞

It has been a huge topic recently, that it is difficult for the young generations to make friends. Or that when you are at a working age, you cannot seem to make friends easily. Or the fact that as you grow older it is harder to make new friends. Comic from @fowlcomics But Still you should not … Continue reading Entre amis 💕💛💞

Medical Gibberish

WARNING: Gory stuff present in this post  I feel it is strange that I claim that I am a doctor-to-be and medic⛑, but I rarely ever post about medicine. white coat and all 😜 There is surely a reason, and it is that usually medical staff do not like to surround themselves with medicine, or people … Continue reading Medical Gibberish

Sweet and Sour

I know it has been a while since I posted, with my promise of posting once a day! One day in BKK, I had a date with a Singaporean. He had read my blog, and I told him that I have a mission to post once per day. He replied: that is not possible, even … Continue reading Sweet and Sour

Funny you say? 😎

This post will be quick and short. Hopefully funny to some people. I understood on several occasions that my sense of humor needs an acquired taste audience. IV  Cute when trees need IV or IT (intra trunk) Not funny? d'accord let me try this one, Disgusting While I sat on the roof of the Green … Continue reading Funny you say? 😎

Not so domesticated friends 🐕🐈

As you probably noticed in my previous posts,  I love animals, I just randomly make sounds to the street animals I see here in Thailand. End up being followed by them or we have a small encounter of hello. Yes some do get angry hehe I was eating alone at a street vendor kiosk, suddenly … Continue reading Not so domesticated friends 🐕🐈

Fun little things 🤗

There are many places to go to in Bangkok. Sadly for me, mostly shopping areas. I personally like the decorations they have in front of malls In front of MBK And because I never sit still when someone tries to take a picture of me, I hit my head haha  Some are cartoon like some … Continue reading Fun little things 🤗