Alors on danse

Before my exams start I decided I will post one entry for you. You missed nothing, I been dancing to lose the 5 kilos I gained and laying under the sun. I have 5 exams in total, I cannot wait to be done before I even start. Nothing much happened recently. I went out with … Continue reading Alors on danse


Ne touchez pas À mon pays

Given my background, I don't do well around nationalism 😂 mostly because I do not understand it. This weekend, I had gone to study with a new character for you 🤗 David from Zimbabwe. We ended up going to an event called African night. Where people from Africa organise a show of their own after … Continue reading Ne touchez pas À mon pays

‘Just relax’

As you probably read in my previous posts, I complained about the fanatics in North Cyprus. Now here is what I have discovered: Cypriots are the smaller part of the population and the rest of the population are the fanatics who come from outside of Cyprus, either for uni or shipped by Turkey to populate … Continue reading ‘Just relax’

Twisted, good ol’ English

So, after messing up most of my exams (due to the bad English format of most questions, and my gold fish memory) I twisted my ankle and went to the pharmacy to get a bandage Pharmacist: how were your exams? I, with a smile: most of the English format of the questions threw me off. … Continue reading Twisted, good ol’ English

Middetrienaian lifestyle & Fanatics

I know it has been a while since I posted anything. I have been busy with exams and studying. I learnt that cities and countries near the middertrienian live such a calm and slow lifestyle. Not quite the London that I grew up in, nor the America that I adulted in. Regardless of how slow … Continue reading Middetrienaian lifestyle & Fanatics