Sloth with an attitude.

  • note: never mind the wrong spellings on my snaps/photos, I type too fast and do not realise it until I post it.

I mentioned that I have gotten back to Cyprus to sort out my documents with the university. Classes are supposed to start on the 18th of September. As I write this, I still have not started any of my courses! Why you wonder? There is a skeleton of a building laying on the university grounds and they said they will finish it by October 1st! It does not look like it will finish this year let alone in one week. Since our classes will be held in that building, we have to wait!

*picture coming soon*

The pace people work at here is that of a sloth, plus an attitude.


Regardless, That worked for the best! This way I got time to finish other things, Which I had no clue I had to get done. For instance, registering for my courses after paying a registration fee (and assuming that means as a first year my classes are set, and the payment is for them to register me.)


But, behold, I was not allowed to register until I pass an English exam. Aye, by people who do not even know how to speak English properly. The first time I went in, they gave me attitude and said come back next week for the exam. They did not even give me a chance to talk. I guess my face looks foreign or something! I do not even know what was their reason. I mentioned to you before, I am not the type of person to stand for any nonsense, I do not care who is giving it! If I can I usually walk away, but in cases where I need to get business done, I usually feel the need to set people in their place. Tone down the attitude!


I walked in, more than 40 students on the floor, no lines, no organisation of any sort. I pushed myself to the counter called one of the ladies behind it and,

I: Look, I was told I need to be tested in English. I think I can teach you all English, I need you to stamp a paper for me now and let me go so I do not have to waste either of our time.

Mind you, my master’s degree copy was in my hand.

Lady: Oh I see you have a master’s degree. Where is Edinburgh university?

I, in denial ignoring her question: aye, this is my master’s, take a copy of it please and give me whatever I need to go register.

Like a moth going towards the light, she moved to her computer signed me off and told me I am good to go.


I feel awful to have to be so rude, but the polite people who were queuing like the English for their turn got nothing done.

I go to register and I am told I need 8 courses in one semester. It is High School all over again. Notice the stress management elective I have to take! I told my advisor, the only thing this course will do is add stress on my already existing stress!


My sweet adivsor told me clearly: all I know is how to add courses on your list that’s all any questions you have take it to the coordinator. No comment! All the running around combined with frustration in the heat caused me to have nose bleeds!


I finished the little things I knew needed to be done. Met my class representative, Ayobami, for a chat.


Afterwards, I went home and filled an application to transfer. I can only use my diplomatic English self for a good amount of the year, and I prefer saving it for airports.


Unable to tolerate the sloths with attitudes and the crazy nonsense of my unorganised university, I asked Batu to go to the beach again. Diana beach was quite nice. I relaxed with my book and napped in peace.

I cannot wait to transfer.


A side story: I told you they have a border where you can cross between South and North and vice versa in a Bazaar ? If not there is a picture.


I tried to cross after taking permission from the Greeks on the phone! I was told it depends on the officer on duty if s/he think I should pass they will allow me but first I need to pass through the Turks and speak to the Greekson the other side. Guess what? The Turks were so rude, the officer literally threw my passport in my face and said no. She did not even give me a chance to talk! I backed up without a word! I shall try again soon. I heard from a few people that the Turks are rude to lots of people at the border! They know their part of the Island is shite no wonder they will not let you pass!

Alas, every other morning



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