Dear Diary

I never understood how people can keep diaries. It is admirable πŸ˜‚ especially with the fact that I am failing miserably at keeping my blog updated. The reasons for this neglect are first my laziness, second my busyness.

So what has been happening?

I had my last day at work, and partied hard before it. (I was jolly drunk)

Now that I have the time, I am spending some hours to volunteer with the Red Cross 😍

What else, ah yes I am trying to make friends.

I met Erika, She used to work at the same place as mine. It was a photoshoot session.

Then met with James and his friends

Ah yes Calum stopped by in Edinbrugh for a bit.

Since I am failing at making friends I just booked myself a horseback riding session. When humans suck, turn to animals. Though we do not communicate similarly, animals are easy to befriend. I shall post pics on next blog post.

I am packed and ready to leave, yet I do not want to leave. Every time I think I have to leave my beautiful Scotland, a little part in me dies and I think of this song

Now I shall go be busy

have fun and be nice to one another


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