Loss or gain ðŸ¤”?

Just as you think you are losing friends and acquaintances, others show up.

Stephanie poped in Edinburgh with her friend Katie. It was nice to have dinner and see different faces than my regular mundane work.


My lifestyle of moving around this globe, a lot, is one reason why I lose people in my life. I noticed, some of the newly acquainted people I have here in Edinburgh, have a hard time accepting the fact that I will leave. I mean I understand that me in person is awesome and all, but losing me in person means gaining:

1- plenty phone calls and care packages.

2- a home in wherever I will be located for them to visit.

But I understand, that does not work for everyone, so I came to terms with the fact that almost everyone in my life is temporary, which is sad but it is reality.


So what has been happening? 

I am lonely again. Friendless again. Thus, I have been too busy working almost every day, that I failed to go to my Red Cross event and just laid in bed sneezing with my headache.

First, among my crazy work schedule I went for my annual Newcastle trip to see family.


After that I was at work almost every day not able to have a breather, but I managed to go out on a random date with someone who asked me out at work. I guess seeing me with all my sexiness is irresistible 😂

I asked for alcohol as soon as we sat down.


I discovered that at work, apparently people were gossiping me, Oh my Medicine, how much I enjoy it when I hear people actually spend time from their precious lives to talk about me haha thank you I humbly accept the unwanted attention.

Finally, sadly, I handed in my notice, at the end of July I will be jobless again. I was so depressed when I handed it in, but an acquaintance of mine, James, made a good point, appealing to my workholic side: Well look at the bright side, now you do not have to bail out on the Red Cross and can go volunteer more with them and rack your hours.

I suddenly switched from depression mood to excitement mood. I hope the Red Cross is prepared to see me in almost every event as soon as the month comes to an end 😁😂


Lastly, I have figured out something, whenever I lost something, I gained something else in return (even if it was unwanted). Losing my job will make me gain time for Red Cross. Losing my friends will make me want to go make new ones. I am back in the vicious circle of trying to make friends (find my blog post highlighted) (anyone lives nearby wants a friend? << desperation and neediness)



So long and be nice to one another,


P.S.: Paul is the best, he sent me a package full of chocolates and sweets.



2 thoughts on “Loss or gain ðŸ¤”?

  1. You’re awesome! You will make friends wherever you go. I have pretty much lived in the same place my whole life and I lose and gain friends regularly. It’s life.


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