Hills, green, animals. The Scottish highlands

Every time life shuts all my doors, windows, peeps, any hole, I pick up my ready bag and leave, go wherever I go, so long it is a destination for my mind to hit a reset button.

Be it my old home, London


Or a place I never been before


With the nature of my work (not many days off) I have to do short reset trips. But sometimes, when life surpasses my limits, I just pick up and leave to another continent šŸ˜‚ In rebellion against my bad luck.Snapchat-8316079438013693722

Anyway, This is a post dedicated to the beautiful Highlands of Scotland.

First time I went was with Jibbie my friend, he drove us up to Kinlochleven we hanged around that area and got back within a day (since I had to work.)

 I cannot put how beautiful the highlands are, into words. How wherever you look it is breathtaking.

Recently, I have had 1 day off per week for a few weeks, so I decided I am fatigued and need to be away. My Tuesday off, I spent it in Newtonmore and Kingussie. I saw the animals and decided horseback-riding is what I shall do and then go back to Edinburgh and to work.

Alors some pictures

I highly recommend for people to travel to the highlands, be it hiking in nature with some sun, skiing or just to travel. It is absolutely stunning, and as much as I do not want to pollute it with tourists I do recommend you go enjoy.
So if you are ever in Scotland go up north.



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