“What is life?” “Qu’est la vie?” Seriously, what is life all about anyway?

Many wonder of the above question. So do I! I wonder especially when being trained in medicine, wonder why people treat life so preciously. They go above and beyond to preserve life. But what is it about?

Now, not to be funny or anything, I came up with the idea for this post while reading this.

2017-06-01 13.09.35

Remember Harambe?

Yes, that poor endangered gorilla ? Got shot for a child! Really? is the life of 1 human more important than an endangered animal? Who decides which one is more important?

Regardless of my rants. Americans need to learn from what happened in Cambridgeshire zoo. You as a human bring the animal, captivate it in an enclosure and decide when it can die? How is that fair? So what is life again? The life of that animal or that human ?

What’s the answer ?

Simon was asking me yesterday if I seen many deaths. I said yes, and I seen many try so hard to bring that life back. I am a pro-life kind of person ‘thus my career.’

I shall, always, do my utmost power to preserve life and cause no harm. However my protocols dictate what I can and cannot do. With protocols, I am saved from having to make any life-related decisions. Although, to be truthful to you, in many situations I had worked with people who never bat an eye when protocols are broken! Quite sad! and truly baliverines!

This kind of nonsensical events is why I quit a few of my jobs! Or simply just walked out. I can sit and write about my walking out of the ER work drama, but I am too lazy now. I do it over and over again, I am the kind of person that does not take nonsense for anything. Anyway, back to my question, what is life?

Life is happiness? Then what is happiness?

Happiness is having good health ? a nice family ? good group of friends?

Let us see my life according to the above maybes.

Health? Thankfully I take care of my health and believe it is all I have! I try to walk every day, I workout as often as I can.

2017-02-12 11.30.21

I sleep enough, and more than enough sometimes.

2017-04-21 07.58.26

And I eat like a pig.

I like to believe I treat my body well enough.

A nice family? hmm that is a bit personal πŸ˜› I have a good family. They raised me well, I am thankful for that.

They spoiled me and made me into the superwoman I am today. There a bebe picture for you.


Good group of friends? I have many people in my life, really a lot, I can barely catch up. But as friends, I think I may have 3. 1 is in the process to pass all my friendship zone clearance. 4 is my favourite number, I like to keep my best friends list to 4. My loyalty and time will go only to those 4 people. Anyone who wish to be my friend, I believe, gets an upgrade on life, yes I am that good of a friend (take witness statement from my friends).


Some pics of what I been up to, I am overworking (nothing new) and spending time with people I am bribing to be my friends in Edinburgh. To spice up my workholic life, I am trying to find some Red Cross events that will not clash with my work. I got 2 coming up soon.


I found an answer in my little years lived, to the question, what is life? Life is a job I love, food in my tummy, roof over my head, and lover in my bed. I do not want anything more. I strive to have a simple life. Simplicity is a key to happiness for me.


Finally, today is the 1st of June. June is my birthday month, my birthday is 26th June. I am accepting gifts, ask me for address, your words and far wishes are not acceptable πŸ˜› I can be picky since I am nearing my 30s.

With great wishes for you to make a satisfying life,


Finally for your funny bone

2017-04-18 16.55.43


2 thoughts on “Balivernes

  1. Uh… And here I thought we were friends πŸ€”. Btw most Americans agree that they should have let harambre kill that dumb kid.


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