Red Cross ❌

I think I have already mentioned that I been busy volunteering with the Red Cross. Or being trained to be able to volunteer with the Red Cross.

Well, first let me put a video for you. It was listed in my online foundation course. I think it is a nice intro. Lots of people know of the Red Cross, but not how it came to be.

The idea 

It is worth watching.

Anyway, I used to work for the Red Cross in America. It was funny, they usually sent me to fundraising and anything involved in the public saying: you are the youngest and prettiest so go get us more volunteers.

I did.


I moved to Scotland and tried my utmost effort to find volunteer work and apply to work with the ambulance. I can tell you this. Appreciation of volunteers in here is not felt. In America I had 6 volunteer jobs stacked at the same time. They would kiss both your cheeks, and hands to stay and volunteer with them. Here they make you go through hell before they reject you! wp-image-1608599733jpg.jpg

Regardless, I had an interview with the Red Cross before I head to my medical internship in Nepal. They did not have anything available and said they will phone me right as soon as a volunteer position opens up. To my luck and surprise it did the third day I landed in Edinburgh from my travels. snapchat-1161829860.jpg

Now, I got the call and went for an interview and gladly they knew better to appreciate my intent and love for my medicine. I joined in. There are a few courses I must finish and every Tuesday I attend continuous learning to be able to start working and have fun. I am done with 1 course. This weekend I start the second.  So below snippets of my first course.

Anyway, I will keep you posted on my Red Cross fun. I am enjoying my time there, even though I am dead exhausted when I go. Bless the team that prepares everything, they try their best to make it as fun as possible.

I missed one Tuesday between my courses (due to lack of sleep and rest) So I usually choose to be the patient so I do not have to do much work πŸ˜†

But 2 days ago Tuesday, I went to the continuous learning and

So the post did not go live, a month ago, as I thought. So here are more of what happened since this has been posted. So more random pics of the courses

Then finally graduated from the core courses Snapchat-1067182617

I attended one event as a volunteer thus far, let’s hope I get to join more (with my full work time I guess I will not be able to 😦 sad days)



ah yes and I got bits of the uniform 😍

Simon was all over the place with excitement to try it on πŸ˜‚ I hope he does not see this post πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I cannot expect his reaction if he does.

Ok peace out now


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