Beauty Rituals

I had met with Rebecca the other day for tea. She brought a friend over (sorry no pics available)

Anyway, that friend asked me for a recipe of how I keep my looks youthful. I thought maybe I should share that on my blog. Most people still card me and are shocked at my age. Ah and the most annoying thing is when I get carded and they still do not believe me! wp-1482862026860.jpg

So, what’s the secret you ask? I will tell you. I know of all these bloggers and video-loggers people who make money from sharing their beauty hacks and whatnot, but here I am, giving it all for free! haha so better read and appreciate.

wp-1482861810528.jpgThe tips

  • Hydration. I know that you probably heard so much that you need to stay hydrated. I promise you, it is as vital as life (ok almost). Not only it keeps you healthy, but it maintains your skin’s moisture and plumpness. I am drinking all day long, water, juice, alcohol :P, tea. I prefer green teas, but tea&milk is once a day kind of thing for me. If you are a coffee-addict I highly suggest more water into your diet.

There some pics of me hydrating con friends

Note *I usually add rose water to my drinking water as well (for the flavour, some people like cucumber, limon etc) Also, my drinking water is hot water most of the time (I find it more hydrating)2017-05-16 12.24.01

  • Now that you are done hydrating the insides, you need outer hydration. Masks and moisturizers are very important. They play a crucial part in maintaining the hydration of your skin. I do not recommend oils, they tend to stick other rubbish to your face as well.11230900_10153562769245979_3879449453553020665_n

See even Simon, 32, this year, does not look it. He masks his face, almost as much as I do and takes care of his beauty. (scroll to the bottom to see a normal pic of him, he is going to kill me haha)

  • SPF (sun-cream) I can sit here and write for you of how many ridiculous and disgusting encounters I have had with people about sun cream and its importance. I think I should pause and tell you of some. Since I live in almost-north-pole and we get little to not much sun, I use SPF15/20 (I never ever not even once have left the house without it, would not dare to) This is the one I use, from L’occtine


But when I lived in Thailand, I used SPF50.


One day, a person told me he does not need SPF because he lived in Africa! Another one told me he has it within his system being from Latin America! and finally one said there is no sun out, he does not need it! Because the harmful rays only come when the sun is out! Ah I hate the sun cream topic and I cannot deal with it anymore. My professor got diagnosed with skin cancer on his face a few years back and now he has to go to the hospital annually for a check up. Reason #1, they told him he should have wore more SPF! There you have it, as the doc-to-be, I hope skin cancer attack everyone that decides to argue with me about SPF and says it is not essential. Only then we shall all be SPFed and happy under the sun.

My face was full of the SPF Emma’s too haha a good camera is not showing it 😛2017-02-09 14.41.25.jpg

  • Scrub: Find the scrub that works for you, and do it at least once a week. I usually do it every 2 days. It is essential to scrub as your face surface collects lots of rubbish and buildup. This is the one I am using now



  • Sleep: I know people who say “ain’t no body got time for that,” but you do. I work 3 jobs and 1 volunteer job, hang with my friends, go out and on top of all of this, 6 hours is the least I will sleep per night. Usually between 22:30 or 00:00 I put myself in bed (good when you have a regular job schedule.) I awake around 07:30.


  • Finally, Living in the moisture of the UK, it does keep your skin fresh, especially that it is, most of the time, cold. However, that does not mean, “move here,” it is crowded as it is. Just keep your skin hydrated and you are good to go.12923235_10154044314100979_8575606645019898309_n



My routine 

2017-05-17 09.03.40

Morning: When I awake, I use micellar water to clean my face, then tone my face, then spf15. Some lipstick if I felt like it.

Garnier has a good micellar and it cost 1 Pound or cheaper some places.


Then I drink water all day

Night: I cleanse my face with L’occitane anti-wrinkle facial cleansing foam.


After cleansing I let my face breathe for a few and apply serum. Currently I am using a Thai one. I put eye cream and night cream after the serum. (seen above in the picture)

With the masks, I apply them every other 2 days and after taking it off I just sleep. Or I have a sleep in mask now that I use every once in a while.

Finally important notes (the gist of it all)

  • keep yourself clean.
  • hydrate on the outside with lotions (I lotion my entire body twice a day)
  • hydrate on the inside by drinking a lot of fluids.
  • start with anti-aging creams on your early 20s.
  • Also, eat healthy (I allow myself junk food once per month, before my period haha) if you cannot eat healthy a lot, just work out by simple things like walk instead of taking the bus etc.



Cheers and Stay beautifulSnapchat-2076093792

with all my beautiful wishes,



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