Entre amis πŸ’•πŸ’›πŸ’ž

It has been a huge topic recently, that it is difficult for the young generations to make friends. Or that when you are at a working age, you cannot seem to make friends easily. Or the fact that as you grow older it is harder to make new friends.

Comic from @fowlcomics


But Still you should not give up! Honestly, I try so hard to make friends and fail even harder. So this post is somewhat an encouraging read to make people go out and befriend each other. So, cheers and let’s start2017-02-14 19.40.12.jpg

So, entre amis or I should say entre me and cher lectuer, I will share a few of my experiences, ongoing, failed or successful. Moreover, I will tell you the rules and discoveries I made as to why is it hard to make friends these days!wp-image-156327867jpg.jpg

My method: show how funny and giving I can be. Simply put, be nice πŸ˜™.

Not a lot of people can resist my humor, as soon as they smile at one of my ridiculous remarks I start bribing them and make sure to tell them

“let’s be friends,” “I am going to force my friendship on you,” “I will bribe you to be my friend,”  among many other outrages and strange things I say.

Alors, Experiences:

Where to begin, aye? Let’s try the most recent.

Abbey: soon to be my lady friend/ party animal 

I just hope we get to be cool girls out of control, together.

I am starting with a girl, because I can promise you that more than half the girls on this earth will admit to how difficult it is to make girl friends. Boys come and go. 

Mina (female) perspective

Befriending males: easy, comes and goes. Usually boys befriend me with hopes and ulterior motives. 

I tell you, some last so long with their ulterior motives that I see myself in them πŸ˜‚ I don’t give up easily, yet I know when to back out. 

But, best-ly put in Paul’s words: “I rather be throughout the whole book πŸ“š and not only a chapterπŸ“–, and you are truly a good friend and even a better person.”

☝️☝️☝️ I am such a show off πŸ˜‚ but he will tell you he did really say the above.

Paul: the male version of Mina (we were born on same birthday πŸ˜‚)

Befriending females: je ne sais pas why, but some females take friendships as a competiton. I swear some girls can be so freaky. Some others, Like a few of my ex-lady friends,they tell me they enjoy having me as the trailer of what they could have been. You know what? They are all the married ones who are deep inside unhappy but enjoy having a window onto their girlfriends lives, it gives them hope I guess. Or I assume it makes their boring days less mundaneπŸ˜‚ Cora, in same situation, my girl (pic below) will tell you all about this.

Alros, let’s continue with my experiences 

Simon: My coffeeboy.  (Friendship still in the make, Simon will have to let you know later if I was successful to be a smothering friend at all)

Where I work, and spend most of my time now, I had an issue getting hot water (people give you attitude if you ask for hot water and not buy anything for no reason!) Also, I am on the look out for friendly looking people! And where best to find a friendly person other than the coffeemakers.

Side note: I know that lots of coffeemakers are so friendly because of my best friend, Cora, of 12 years now? is it? I don’t even remember πŸ˜† it tells you we been friends for a while.


I made my move, walked up to Simon and asked for a coffee and proceeded to ask for a forced friendship 😁 slowly I brought in the bribes.

2017-04-21 13.13.55.jpg

Ah yes, this is Simon Snapchat-881082291

There is a quick mention of a failed friendship on this post. 

Problems in the face of friendships: Being too busy making money, the new generations struggle to make ends meet, because everything is getting more expensive. Thus, when you work so hard to make ends meet, you do not have energy to invest in a friendship. I mean let’s be real here, trying to be friends with someone takes a lot of energy and time. Thus I say investing. But after that phase passes from your life, all you have left are friends and partners. However, you can make friends easily without having to invest. If you find easy going people (Like myself) you will not have to work so hard to be friends, things will just flow.

Rebecca: friendship on hold

My almost a friend is mentioned in the post tagged above. Me and her try our best to be friends, but it is just impossible. We work too much and we rarely have the same day off. Our friendship has been on hold since December 2016.

This is Rebecca.

Udgar: transform from virtual 

I am putting Udgar here too only because his annoying ars* is actually one ok friendship that was easy to come, and I assume will be hard to get rid of πŸ˜†

Sometimes, if you live in the same city, it can be easy to make the virtual friendship into reality. Method is that you need to show your interest clearly and state your point that this friendship will be much better outside of the virtual life. I tend not to invest in the virtual world. I already have friends living far and my free time will be for them. Not for anyone I never met and wants my time without any effort. 

This is Udgar


I made a lot of friends while I traveled as well. I try my best-est to keep in touch with almost all of them.

So what did you learn?

  1. While making friends have a method and test it, until it is successful.
  2. Be Nice.
  3. Put your work aside and try to invest in friendships, they lay off some of the stress produced from work. Yes you can find the time.
  4. Bribe πŸ˜›πŸŽπŸ«πŸ°πŸŽ‚πŸ¬πŸ­
  5. At the end of the road, friends will remain and either die before, after, or with you πŸ˜‚ cannot not morbid-fy my postπŸ–€

Finally, remember that friendships may be hard to make, but they can last forever if you work hard to make them. Yet, some friendship can exist smoothly with easy going people avec little effort.

Ah I forgot, being a good listener helps build strong relationships and friendships

Now, bugger off and go be nice to people and befriend each other. πŸ‘«πŸ‘¬πŸ‘­



3 thoughts on “Entre amis πŸ’•πŸ’›πŸ’ž

  1. This was really good. I agree that a lot of guys have ulterior motives but not all. I have a lot of really close female friends that I don’t wanna have sex with lol. Not because they aren’t attractive but because it would ruin our friendship.


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