Busy Bee 🐝

I am really slacking off on the daily promised post, n’est-ce pas? However, I apologise for it and further below shall I explain why the laziness on posting. In fact it is not laziness, rather it is busy-ness.

Still, I managed to put my biannual henna in my hair.

First off, among the 5 days work schedule and 2 days off volunteer work, Johannes decided to pop in my beautiful Edinburgh.20170413_184513.jpg

Then my mum decided to visit at the same time. I got plenty goodies from her 😁 one is her pjSnapchat-1132067001

Meanwhile I am looking for a flat to move out to! While dealing with my future university documents and visas! Aye I am going insane to catch up.  Yet, 2017-03-29 09.31.06-3

Being too tired Snapchat-718379466.jpg

Then deciding the day I will see mum, I will go to a spa day with her, otherwise I would be crashing hard in the middle of whatever I am doing. (not that I did not at my volunteer work)Snapchat-1220232646.jpg

 Crashing at the sound of the word ‘break’

Mum left😭, so I went to see Johannes for 2 days. Never mind the unclean mirror.2017-04-13 18.47.42

Surely, took him for a steak πŸ„ (but the old chain pier said it is a summer dish) so why not burgerπŸ” and fish&chips 🐟🍟(they do have one of the best in town)


We had cocktails. At Bryant & Mack  it was so nice and delicious.


Mind you, the cocktail bar is difficult to find

After a few cocktails I end up in the foreign land of airbnb. Has anyone else ever noticed, airbnb flats are so full of rubbish! how do these people even move.


The next day we decided it will be a lazy quiet day, walked around, had afternoon tea at Eteaket room.

Then, I am back to my Red Cross work on days off and back to work the next morning. Real mood though,

C’est la vie after all, work hard, then you won’t have time to play πŸ˜‚ (none of that work hard play hard nonsense, whoever said that knows nothing of working hard, working hard beats you hard, you want to just sleep)2017-04-13 18.44.49

Aye, also Snapchat-1802662765


3 thoughts on “Busy Bee 🐝

    1. 2 weeks hehe that’s the conclusion of 2 crazy weeks. Today is so busy I am writing this while working while on phone with uni all over the place πŸ˜‚


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