Medical Gibberish

WARNING: Gory stuff present in this post 

I feel it is strange that I claim that I am a doctor-to-be and medic⛑, but I rarely ever post about medicine.

white coat and all 😜snapchat-274124190.jpg

There is surely a reason, and it is that usually medical staff do not like to surround themselves with medicine, or people in medicine. See, if you spend hours at work or in hospitals🏥, you just want to get way from it🏃 not that you will not have to study a bit while you are away, but still.Screenshot_20170406-162326

I try my best to surround myself with friends from different fields, so not all of our topics of discussion will be about the latest nose reconstruction technique 👃or how the Americans 🇺🇸 are more advanced in medicine (I guess Israel 🇮🇱 has one of the best advances in the field of medicine, much like how much medical staff Cuba 🇨🇺produces 😂.)

I thought, maybe I should dedicate a post to medicine and its gibberish, because why not?!

When in Nepal🇳🇵: I was amazed that the entire time I was there, I have not seen 👀one, clean of infection, chest x-ray. Here are a few for you

Or the horribly failed lungs of a child🤦! Their life can be so difficult, where villages have no access to health care. 20161019_202358.jpg

One evening, upon my arrival to my night shift, I was told a mother brought her infant 👶 to the hospital, it was dead in her arms and she did not realise! Death was caused by severe pneumonia! So awful.

But what is great about being in a hospital not fully equipped is that the staff made the best of what they got and did a great job. Like in the case below I am not even sure that toe can be salvaged if that lady waited! The doctor did his best to fix it.


Since usually I started the morning with Dr. KNR’s toe nail extractions, he hated it fyi, when patients ask for toe nail extractions, I remember one day he walked in took off his jacket looked at me and said: “ah how much I hate to start my shifts with this torture.” But most toe nail extractions cases either had been due to trauma (playing football usually) or wearing tight shoes👟👞.

Regardless, I was so busy enjoying the cases to snap photos🤳. My choice of going to Nepal🇳🇵 was purely for the fact that I wanted to see cases that we do not often come across in the West. Especially TB, plenty of it (so plenty they actually have a TB hospital, and TB clinics all around the country “called D.O.T. S” clinic) I scrubbed in a surgery 👷for testicles biopsy to see if he had testicles TB (it turned out he did.) What are the chances of me seeing anything like that here ! Zero to none I say. It is quite rare as it is for TB to be located (so conveniently😂) there.

Dr. KNR was nice enough to let me join in all those activities and surgeries💕.

pic=I and Dr. KNRsnapchat-239951124

When in America🇺🇸:

I had seen plenty in America. Most crazy drugs💉💊, most racist patients👥, overwhelming number of heart diseases 💔🖤 cases and obesity that blows your brains away. (kind of regret not taking a picture of me in my uniform while at work in the US.)

For not having a picture of me in my uniform in America I will make up for it with a sadly, funny story 😂😁.

Once upon a time, behind the nurses’ station, I was just a porter (first day.)

A patient over 450 lbs (204kg) showed up for a CT-scan, therefore, the following conversation:

Me: Nurse, what can I do the patient is over the weight limit?

Nurse, so casually while busy😌: phone the zoo ☏☎ and see if they have an opening today.

I, in denial🤤😕: ha ha funny, I am serious what should I do?

Nurse, with plenty exclamation marks over her head🤔😑: Do I look like I am joking!! ah well, go, I will phone📞

Honestly I never believed it, til one day our ambulance 🚑 had to do the transfer for one of the patients.

When I told the story to my uncle his only reply was: might as well leave them there, they either will eat the bear 🐻or the bear will eat them 😂🤣

Obviously, some patients cannot help it with hormone imbalances and whatnot, but I have not seen one case that cannot help it in my entire time working in America (doesn’t mean They do not exist) They usually refuse to walk as well! So I was introduced to the human crane (aye one exists 😎)

perfect picture stolen from someone’s blog.  Thank you someone


All my experience combined is presented in this timeline under:

15 to 17 highway medic assistant: work with no equipment whatsoever 🤕💪

23 to 26 supposedly medic: all work with fancy equipment nothing else👌😄

26- to 27 supposedly doctor: back to primitive equipment in Nepal 😢

26 to current, let me just claim a volunteer title:  UK 🇬🇧 style of being stuck in between transitions with older technology and techniques.

I will make another medical post of random stuff, especially that I started again with the red cross🕇🕆, back in a cool uniform (I hope so at least, I am sick of scrubs 🤢)

me in training action😁😎💪

Until later.


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