Quesque je vais faire de ma vie!

I heard many comedians and read many memes saying: how strange it is for someone to ask you, “what should I do with my life?” the reply should be “how should I know if you do not know! It is your life after all.”

Well, Thailand trip was coming to an end. I had to make a choice, again, of what will I do next in my life. I knew better than to ask my friends and bother them. I am not good at planning, that is for sure. Although, I am bad at planning, if I make a plan it has to be flawless, like myself.


Decision made, I must gain a degree. Because I have a collection of them already and adding one more degree to the list will not hurt anyone 12362949_10153781622015979_5404668519707095438_o.jpg

I had to face the reality once more, I been practicing medicine since I was 15 years old. All without a degree, just certificates. Assisted in surgeries without a degree haha how bad is that? not really bad, I say. I can be better than the ones who got educated in it, from once in awhile. I want to confess this painful truth for some of the people who do not realise it.

Sometimes, experience beats a bookworm. There I said it. I been working in medicine since I was 15 years old! I think I earned a degree by defualt haha but sure I shall study, and authenticate it.

After this long English complaining introduction, I decided to get accepted in a university to earn a degree. I did. I am hoping to start in September. Best part, it will be in a country I never been to before, yet another country for me to live in and another language for me to learn to speak (already on it duolingo)

2017-03-09 13.45.28

A few mornings back, as I watch the BSB on TV, and  my uncle enjoying his morning tea, I decided and blurted (translated to English) “uncle, I will go get a degree in medicine come get a job, get a motorbike and spend on you when you retire ok?” my uncle replied with a happy face, “sure thing.”

Maybe one day I will be as great as those 2017-03-08 20.27.06

Well now my cookies, go make good decisions and enjoy life nae?


3 thoughts on “Quesque je vais faire de ma vie!

  1. Well Mina it sounds like you are living an amazing life that most people would only dream about. I didn’t know you wanted to go into the medical field. I’m going to subscribe to your blog. Really awesome stuff. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha you knew I was a baby doc from my snaps! You probably just forgot haha or thought I am going to practice illegally for as long as I could 😂


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