Sweet and Sour

I know it has been a while since I posted, with my promise of posting once a day!

One day in BKK, I had a date with a Singaporean. He had read my blog, and I told him that I have a mission to post once per day. He replied: that is not possible, even you will run out of things to say/write about.

However I beg to differ

Now, he is somewhat right, although I can never have a day in peace without something outrageous happening, I still manage to not put it on a public blog 😜

The only reason I am refraining from posting everything, is because this blog is public. The reason it is public because when I tag some involved characters their friends would like to read without having to make an account and follow.

So what happened? I been busy traveling back to the homeland, Britain, so I was lazy to post. 

Funnily enough my uncle told me that I may have some of the toxins that Kim Jong Nam’s assasins used. Because my layover was in  KUL for 9 hours. Then uncle proceeded by staring at me 👀 with an examining eye, and telling his flatmate, “you see, young age huh? she is still fine it did not hit her yet, if it was us we would be dead.” Oh my medicine how much I laughed 😂

passed out in the breast feeding room in KUL 😴😪


Anyway, have I told you about the unicorn cafe? & Valentine’s day? no ? yes?

So Odin, my fine friend, had suggested that I must take myself to the unicorn cafe in BKK.

Odin with my Cora

 I decided to go on Valentine’s day 💖, surely alone. I loved that place. Here some pictures.


I was given a heart shaped balloon, and told me, they give it to the people who come alone on V-day. Ah well thank you for reminding me 😑


Then I met Udgar for champagne and chocolate. That is the only way a single person should spend Valentine’s day.2017-02-19-14-50-11-1 Surely he kept snapping with my phone’s sexy camera. (Samsung S7)


oh before I leave you, have I ever showed you this cool little pizza? Surely picture perfect is courtesy of Udgar showing me in my real pig self.

Bye for now


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