Thai massage πŸ’†

Massages are quite important for health. That said I skip meals to get massages. Thai massage has been a favourite since I moved to Edinburgh and met my Thai massage therapist. I fell in love and forgot my oil massages.

Some massages were so not worth it in Thailand. Like my first one (Claro my fake smile right there πŸ˜‚)

Second massage. 200 baht much worth it.


Third massage in Krabi. The lady did not believe me to be a lady, as my back has been nicely worked out haha. She kept feeling mu private parts. When I stopped her she gave me a breast massage πŸ˜‚while thoroughly checking out if I am a girl! 

Last massage, I took Nepali boy with me, it was 150 baht. Cheapest you can find in bangkok, just 4 minutes or so walking out of onnut bts station.

Cannot wait to see Jommy my girl here in Edinburgh. Sabai Sabai massage my heart away 😍

I highly recommend for everyone to make massages a regular activity in their lives.
Better health for all … 



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