My monks β›©

One day I felt so special and saw many jealous envious looks my way, no not because of my beauty or body 🀑 but of my monks.

My monk friend, Balram, and I had planned to drink cha yin (cold tea) Thai tea. He invited his friend as well, khieou.
I was a girl of medicine, hanging around with 2 monks in Wat Rartcanudda, causally having tea, smoothie, et coffee. People who passed stared with huge smiles or looks of jealousy πŸ˜‚ I felt special. 

People realise one reality, that is their own. You probably seen the single story TED talk? If not it is highlighted here. 

Only when you get into another person’s living zone, You cannot know what goes on. I used to smile a lot when I saw monks in Nepal wearing sneakers/tennis shoes. Or sitting next to me in the coffee shop sipping a frappe πŸ˜‚

My ignorance appeals again, I thought all monks can do, is live simply. But my monks and the monks en Nepal live with 270 something rules yet, they manage to mix modernity with their rules. They watch football, Tv series, wear fancy flashy colours sneakers/tennis shoes, carry latest models phones, like to take pictures, and would love to dance and sing  (but this last one is not possible πŸ˜‚)

As we sat down to talk, my monks told me they are monk teachers for children once a week. Oh my Buddha, I laughed so loud as khieou said, “what you teach them today they forget tomorrow,” when I asked how is it teaching children πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I enjoy their company a lot, even though I need to quit certain habits, like touching others while talking to grasp their attention (a girl cannot touch monks in Nepal, nor can they touch her.) I guess it is a good thing, because I somewhat learn to be more self-restraint. I am going to truly miss their company, they are funny humble and very well mannered. They follow the rules bestowed on them strictly. For example, I walked with them under the heat of the sun with my umbrella while they didn’t even complain and walked without covering their heads, saying to me, we are monks we must behave with certain morals, and patience. Sometimes I forget they are younger than me πŸ˜… because they are so well raised.

We went to the golden mount as well

Bless you and best of luck to you both always πŸ’


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