Nong Sao πŸ‘©

My little sister. She is the only one I can actually say her nickname without butchering it πŸ˜‚ Gigi. She is my only pretty sister among my 3 Thai brothers. Actually I forgot to take picture with cousin πŸ˜” and uncle. 

Anyway, nong Sao is studying law. She is quite busy like nong schay #2. But both of them when  I first arrived sat with me and gave me plenty good tips about Bangkok. 

My medicine/God, she was so sweet and wrote down for me a list and put Thai as well, You know in case I fail at communicating what my pigging self wants to eat πŸ˜‚

This is nong Sao on my final day we finally managed to take a photo after the filter being annoying to work. B612 is a cute app with many cute filtersπŸ€—, it was suggest to me by Line app (equally as cute 😍)

Nong sao was the only one available to send me off in my uber 😭 I am writing this post in the areoplane in sadness 😭


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