Holy 🕉🏯

Meanwhile in Bangkok snapchat-776940649

Today, thanks to my beautiful Pasang (I miss you)


I got to meet one of her Monk friends, Somehow I could not manage to meet her brother (who is another monk in Thailand) But I got to meet Balram.2017-02-07-15-55-00

I have decided I will intrude on his time and try to open a window on a Monk’s life. You know one can never have enough enlightenment and knowledge. Especially when that one is me making mistakes on a daily basis.

The monastery was beautiful (as expected.)


I felt so privileged to have entered the monks’ living quarters of the monastery. So beautiful and peaceful.

Then there is me being the ordinary tourist haha with selfies.2017-02-07-15-44-05

Claro, with Bangkok heat all I did was face the fan haha


It was such a pleasant and relaxing day. I am so grateful to Barlam for letting me invade and have a nice conversation.

Sadly snapchat-868347303


I hope I was not a heavy guest.
Have a lovely day/night/evening/morning wherever you are.



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