Funny you say? πŸ˜Ž

This post will be quick and short. Hopefully funny to some people. I understood on several occasions that my sense of humor needs an acquired taste audience.


Cute when trees need IV or IT (intra trunk)


Not funny? d’accord let me try this one,


While I sat on the roof of the Green house in Nepal, me and Cora were having a phone call. Cora was in her flat in Amsterdam.

Conversation as below

I, in disgust: eww such a repulsive country, I am talking to you and this is my view.img-20161112-wa0017

Cora: oh how great it is to be in the civilised world! That is my view he is doing yoga.


Not few seconds later, I heard Cora scream saying: Ah no no no, most men will have disgusting habits wherever they are, he just cleared his throat and nose so loudly.

I am not quite sure if English has a term for that, but in Swedish they say ‘harkla.’

repulsive yet funny πŸ˜‚

I had just asked my Thai little sister why most of the Gods are fat in Buddhism and Hinduism. She says it means “plentifulness.”

What is funny about those gods you ask?

I will tell you. My Thai mum had told me I can eat whatever in the kitchen. So one day I ate some fruits that were sitting on the counter. Just to discover πŸ˜‚ it was the Gods’ food πŸ˜‚ oh my God I have managed to anger every religion, even Buddhism. I was so embarrassed and hope mum doesn’t know I ate it.

On the other hand, I got the plentiful imageπŸ˜‚

Still not funny?

Monkey Business 

Ok let me try one more time. I find it funny when monkey and Jay went skiing wihtout Juho. img-20170105-wa0004.jpg

They kept sending me pictures of each other haha

While I got drunken phone calls from Juho, feeling cheated.received_10207867282671286.jpeg


Not at all funny? Well then you are not one of the acquired taste audience. But thanks for visiting.

P.S.: I linked the older blogs that talks about my above mentioned characters.


Ok one more try haha61d5870e-4928-405e-91b3-71830685144d


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