Cinéma 🍿?

I probably have mentioned somewhere that I prefer the outdoors and being active over lazy activités (usually.)

So acquiring fat friends like Udgar who likes fat activities is a bit difficult 😂 (oh how much he will curse me for saying that, but hey look at the bright side, which taha chhyna ke ho!) 

He kept asking me to go to the cinema. I lived in America🎬🎥, the mother of all cinemas, for almost 8 years and gone to the cinema less than 7 times.

I decided why not! Let’s see how the cinema here looks like. Of course the sizes are like the American sizes (for popcorn and coke)

Of course as I gave a face of disapproval I still ate it haha

And Udgar likes to take pictures.

While I do enjoy snapping (snapchat) I am not that big fan of taking pictures. Udgar is quite slow for my movements and poses. 

But then, I became an addict as well. While the boy choses action and zombie films, I choose films with a purpose, Split. (He wanted to watch it too so no guilt)

Again, he takes my phone and takes pictures while all I am concerned about are the snacks 😂

Just to get yelled at and say in every picture there you are eating something 

So I put it aside 

Now, film was not bad at all I recommend Split. I cannot recommend the action film because I don’t even remember its name 😂!

Next post I will post more of my silliness now time for me to eat Thai mum breakfast (brunch haha)


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