Random 💃

I have lost track of what I should be writing about. Thus, I am going to mention random things that has happened thus far.

Let’s start with my reality, haha I have a thing, I dance whenever I feel like it. I once rolled a stripper move on the poll of Edinburgh’s bus 😂😂 got out the next stop.

Here in Bangkok,

After brunch with Sujin20170118_001521

We randomly passed by thissnapchat-1637146133

I decided to try Korean fried chicken because Sujin says it is better than regular fried chicken. I cried and did not agree.

When my uncle first arrived into BangkokSnapchat-39051227.jpg

I asked him if I had gained weight, he replied 😎 “you are still the same Shi** you were before.” Then after a pause “you did get whiter though, strange” so funny 😂😂

Among many moments of language carnival in my brainsnapchat-1820646525

Or I guess the carnival in my face? That shows me as a Nepali, an Indian, Arab, Latin, and whatever people please.

Ah let us not forget the child diver Mina, who wishes to dive again (for fun) that river though dirty, looks so interesting for a dive. 🏊snapchat-1296591311

Then there is Udgar, being a childish Nepali, trying to make me upset by slapping my piggie 🐽🐷 face into the cake that I had already put my face in to eatsnapchat-1949460072

The open racism hahaha I laughed so loud 😂snapchat-1203051148

There is the heat snapchat-1989909383

and there is me



hope you enjoyed, I am off to bed😴😪.


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