Les personnes 👨👧

Throughout my life, I met different people on different occasions. I thought, maybe this entry should be dedicated to who I met so far in Thailand. Sadly I have not yet managed to take a photo avec ma famille thaï. So I guess I will have to make a whole post about my family (already thinking of how much I will miss them after I leave 💔)

As I was on a hunt for a hospital to work at, I met an Iranian who runs a medical journal (http://www.ephysician.ir). It was so nice to hang out and talk about medicine.

Here is Mehrdad20161229_182627

Then for New Year’s eve, I decided to join couch surfing event. They had a plan to meet up and go somewhere to party on Khao San road (Khaosan)snapchat-1068221157

Of course a huge group is bound to get scattered. At first, I, Sujin, Jen and (hm cannot rememeber her name), went to get a drink and a snack.20161231_223941

Then me and Sujin ended up alone. I had told her we must meet some people for a first resolution of new year to come true. So we did. Then ended up going for a dance while I am tipsy and she is drunk haha20170101_000326

Sujin was falling asleep haha

Surely, that night I took home a handsome fella snapchat-1612473390

Of course I have to mention this Nepali ho Newar, Udgar, here otherwise his feelings may get hurt 😂Snapchat-225424573.jpg

Ah I have my uncle and his friends here too hahasnapchat-100406879

And my unhappy masseursnapchat-24769408

I will keep it sweet and short (this post) so there the last thing I want to mention, whom I met here, the lovely mosquitoes of Thailand.snapchat-1909567431


Have a sweet day.


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