BTS πŸš…, BoatπŸ›₯, and by foot πŸ‘£.

We Tuk Tuk it to the Oriental pier to catch our boat home.snapchat-100680703320170118_001623Of course with my drama running and  yelling ‘wait for me,’ the boat actually turned around. Hey it was the last boat to cross, I would beg from afar πŸ˜‚ no matter what.

See boat in background.20170117_204833

JP and I continued our adventure by taking a few modes of transportation around Bangkok the next day. Pleasant time.

The second day of the adventure started with JP at the dentist for a tooth ache.20170118_123321

Then BTS to check my laptop-to-be.snapchat-1972681333

Pad-Thai for lunch.snapchat-2039689498

Then off to the boat all the way up North. Nevermind how awful we both look, it was hot.

 Trip from Sathon pier to Nonthaburi pier.20170118_180019.jpg

Nonthaburi, where the fish is plenty. 20170118_181348

The sky is beautiful 20170118_175830

And I cannot help but stare20170118_182220

When all done, we took the boat to Chinatown.

Of course I have to make funny poses

Then walked to the pier. But my fat self have to stop for ice cream. Caught in crime face πŸ˜…

I enjoyed having JP around, since I finally found someone who actually likes to walk as much as I do. I had fun with you, thanks for stopping by hombre.20170118_001543

Even when you let me date pathetic-s πŸ˜‚20170118_001609.jpg

Until later.


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