Buddha 🕯🕉

It is said “one learns from one’s mistakes.”

But even better than that, I say “one learns from educating oneself.”

Be it by computers and books

Or like the animal loving self here, by interesting documentaries (Note You Probably Didn’t even know a frog can glide)

I am ignorant of Thailand just as much as I was ignorant of Nepal, and Buddhism in general.

I had gone to Buddhist temples before but never like the beautiful stupas of Nepal. Til I got to Bangkok. First I made a grief mistake by gifting the Buddhist family I live with a Buddha from Nepal. In Nepal, it is OK to have body parts of the Buddha, only Buddha head for instance. Even Dr. Esna gave me one.

But in Thailand it is not ok! Actually soon as you enter the airport you see signs every where saying the below

Oh phrajao  (oh god) I entered Thailand a criminal! Holding Nepali Buddha heads with me 😣

But I had picked one and gave it to the family. Oh the shame 😣 anyway they were understanding enough. I learnt that I should not be ignorant of the fact that, eureka, surely there are different kinds of Buddhism with different beliefs.

One morning

So to educate myself, nong schy  (younger brother) took me to temples in Bangkok.

You pray for a certain position of Buddha, depending on your birth day.

Nong schy took me to have a snack before he left to his business

Then I, not having enough, went to 2 more temples, on my own. All I could think of is how much I wished both Pasang(s) were here. They would have loved those beautiful temples 😍

These are guards of the temple

Besides the fact that it is truly a beautiful religion, it has its faults. Like all religions do! Dr. Pemba told me one day that Buddhist people are not allowed to slaughter animals, not even for food. Funny because they can hire someone else to do it 😂

People have different religions and beliefs I personally believe in medicine and good behaviour. I believe you are allowed to have all the bad thoughts you wish to have, just not apply or conduct them! Thus I say medicine and good behaviour.

Alas, be respectful and educate yourself and your life shall be …


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