Goodbyes πŸ–‘

As an extra conclusion to the last entry of love, just get an arranged marriage and let all the love go to hell πŸ˜‚ poor Nepalis.
Time was passing so quickly, I had to make a decision where I want to be next. I must leave Nepal, visa was expiring. Also I was getting sick, physically as well as mentally, of Kathmandu. I suddenly developed allergies and was hooked on antibiotics and allergy medicine the last few days in Nepal that I was like a high person the entire time.

Note:Β Reasons why I chose my profession, I hate being sick. I am not in my mind if I am sick. I want everyone to be healthy and put me out of a job (not like I have one now πŸ˜‚) plus that’s why I love emergency medicine πŸ˜πŸ˜† people will always need me, because accidents happen.

So, my Nepal chapter was needing a conclusion. Honestly I am grateful to everyone in the hospital. I was so ignorant and learnt so much from them. I was annoying with my British humor πŸ˜… but they went along with it most of the time, maybe sometimes πŸ˜…. Other times my humor passes over their heads which makes it even more hilarious for me.

Life was easy going and simple. Alas someΒ night shiftsΒ were good to seal the hospital experience.

That simplicity included dinners with other volunteers, we were all leaving Nepal so it was nice to sit and have a last supper.

First picture, of course the landlord haha Richard.

My second to last day, I have bought a bit of goodies for my hospital staff.

I saw Dr. Esna and we had wanted to eat spaghetti together in a place nearby but we could not find it. So she needed to keep me around with her. Because the staff of the hospital have a bbye session for me. Obviously my fat-self took her to just sit and eat.

Dr. MΓΆtte (The boss), Dr. Ajay, Dr. Rajandera, and Dr.Tej, alongside my babies gathered to have a quick goodbye/see you soon get-together, apparently a Stupa community hospital tradition. Generally, before any of the staff leaves they gather and every person has to say good things about the person leaving. Oh my God I blushed and almost cried πŸ˜‚ almost. But Dr. MΓΆtte made me laugh so loud when he said: you must appreciate this, because you don’t know how difficult it is to say stuff like this in English πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. What he didn’t know, I was so full of appreciation that I am the only foreigner they did this get-together for. I am the only foreigner that was like one of them and they actually cared to take the time and money to say goodbye to me. Everything they said was sweet. But sometimes, til today, I cannot believe if they were genuinely liking me or just formalities haha. Even though they kept telling me things like, “you are not like any foreign volunteer we had.” “Others come and go, it is like they all have the same face we don’t even recognise them. But you became close to us.” I was so touched. I convinced myself this will not be the last time in Nepal. As much as I dislike almost everything there I absolutely adore my fabulous hospital team.

I shall see you all soon for sure. Many memories were made and time well spent. I miss everyone a lot already.

Special thanks to Dr.Tej for taking me home tooΒ 

Of course I chose to see Meena as the last friendly face in Nepal. I miss her a lot wish I can put her in my bag and go.

After packingΒ 

It was time to say goodbye. But I am Mina and cannot pass a day without drama. My Nepali taxi bailed out on me so I went out on the street at 5:15 am with no one but me, Sanger-la hotel guards and a police officer. I fluttered my eyes and they got me a taxi, they made him turn on the meter too πŸ˜‚

And sure as ever, Nepal style

Peace, see you in my next destination


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