Oxytocin πŸ’”

Scientist have managed to sort out the hormones during stages of love. But Oxycontin is the one most people recognise or associate with love.

So, to sort out the facts for my readers, there are testosterone, estrogen, adrenaline, dopamine, sΓ©rotonine, and some studies showed vasopressin. These are hormones that should be associated avec love not only Oxycontin.

This introduction is to allude to my entry of dating and love in Nepal. It goes without saying, this entry is from what I experienced and learnt in Nepal, not to generalise or anything.

One sentence practically sums up my entire entry: dating in Nepal is difficult and challenging. (Not that it is not anywhere else πŸ˜… but when freedom is restricted it makes it more difficult yet adventurous)

Background: As I may have stated before, I was so ignorant about Nepal. All I knew was that the capital is Kathmandu. Oh and the Himalayas. Moving to Nepal, I had not even thought it would be that conservative. My goodness I wonder at times how people survive. Their reply to that question is: “we grew up in it, soπŸ€—.” How sad huh?

Sad face in my pj πŸ˜… I took that picture while discussing dating with Sujit.


When in Nepal, I asked different people around me about dating in Nepal. Not so shockingly, different castes say different things. Different ethnicities claim different things as well! Yet some people do stand out of their castes.

Like ‘ugly boy’ his parents married from different castes. That means, for him at least, unlimited freedom.

Ugly boy

Most of what I heard, Kathmandu being the capital is more open than anywhere else. Still, people are not free to date in public as they may claim. I seen a few hidden in the bushes of Dreams garden πŸ˜…

Garden of Dreams/ Dreams garden at dusk 😍

People in Kathmandu care about how others think of them too much! Way too much! Reputation and whatnot. God forbids you end up in a village where freedom is not a concept those people even know. Sometimes, I felt they restrict their own freedom. If they cared a bit less it may work! But what do I know I am no Nepali. I am just shocked how much they care about how others see them!

 1. Some told me, it is totally fine, people date happily and do not care much. But it is complicated. As girls tend to be more reserved than boys, boys do not expect much of the girls they date knowing they will not get much! Haha if that made any sense.

Not quite sure I got it either but Ok!

2. In the hospital, most of the staff had no time for dating. Between working crazy hours and having to finish college at the same time. Only one person I knew dated. He made it seem so easy and free. Moreover, he insisted it is not that complex nor difficult. I wish him best of luck. He is the best for me, because of not caring of what others say, forever Friends haha 😏😏

3. On the other hand, and for my luck, I had players around me. Made it a whole lot easier to understand this game in Kathmandu.

One player: too hard to catch kind of fish 🐠 was hurt before and never wants to repeat the same mistake and chooses to be a free player. He is one of the people that tells me dating in Nepal is complex, difficult and tiring. (I wish you can swim freely forever)

Another player: chooses to keep one girl on a leash and play with a few others. Hilarious to me, but it is so boring in Kathmandu, so I understand and don’t blame him one bit.


I learnt about a few places in Nepal for dating.

  • In Kathmandu, temples.

Swaymbu is a hot spot

Especially for that stunning view

Upon asking for the reason, young generations say parents will not suspect if you say to them “we are going to the temple” πŸ˜‚ that they are going on a date. Oh mon dieu how much I laughed. Way to go for using such methods.

  • Nearby areas of Kathmandu

Nagrakot is a nice height nearby Baktapur. About 2 hours away from Kathmandu by motorbike/car. The time I had in Nepal was short. ‘I must go to Nagrakot,’ is what I kept thinking. It is famous for its sunrise and sunset. (Find below the tower picture where people watch the sunrise.)

I had chosen a player to take me there. It is a romantic area and I wanted to have a date there. Simple for me. Jesus on a bicycle, so complicated for him! Who kept looking around and worried to death someone will recognise he brought a foreigner (that looks Nepali haha) to Nagrakot, “Oh my what would people think ” oh horror πŸ˜‚ (ironic tone)

You know that feeling, you wake up one day and see you spent your life studying and working! Suddenly nothing matters so you do crazy things. Well that’s your life not mine!

I just do crazy things because that’s how I am. I woke up one day and phoned the player I know and said: take me to Nagrakot now. Even the player was shocked πŸ˜‚ he did not realise what was coming his way. I asked him to let me see the city on the back of the motorbike and had fun for so little in return. It was so much fun, for me at least.

He told me Nepali girls sometimes do not show up, let alone initiate a meeting. Most of the girls, he said, get too clingy and bothersome. I was not sure what to reply most of the time when he talked πŸ˜‚ I am no where near their culture to understand what goes on. Generally that is what boys usually complain about, when it comes to girls. Even gay boys complain about the same, sometimes. Who cares! I wanted to have a date in Nagrakot and so I did. Grateful to Sujit for that.

Trip to Nagrakot pictures


Finally, people have different personalities, surely with all that cocktail of hormones things get complex. Question is how to deal with it? Seems like every where you go, the cake is the same, however, the icing and topping is different.

I shall go back to my dream land of freedom and  living in Scotland and getting extremely drenched by rain while running to your date from the bus stop to the restaurant (good thing my date was with me so we both got rained on πŸ˜‚, I still look stunning πŸ˜‹ that he sneaked pictures of me) It was not simple there either nor anywhere else. Reason why I prefer my workholic life and studying in free time. πŸ€—

With much love,


P.s.: fΓΆr all the heart broken fellas out there


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