Sherpa 💪

As you arrive in Nepal, you learn a few things. My ignorant self, I have thought that everyone in Nepal has an Indian look. So walking around seeing many people looking more south-east Asians made me so curious. Especially when their face speaks Nepali I was blown away 😂

But I came to learn. Caste and what not. They are called Mongols. Really? Mongols ? Out of everything. Ah well, who am I to judge.

Moreover, I learnt that Mongols cannot marry within the Indian look. So to better divide this idiocy, I will use more idiocy called religion basis. Mongols are Buddhist, Indian look are Hindus.

Back to it, so Buddhist cannot marry with Hindus etc. Thus they tend to not date either. But there are many good friends and whatnot.

So Buddhist castes or groups or hmm not sure what they are called divided into 2 I know of. Maybe there are more but who cares at this point.

Lama/Tamang, like Dr. Mötte

This picture is actually perfect. There is motte in the background annoyed at me snapping pictures. And Hindu Dr. Tej.

Also like those 2

My monkey

And Sujit

My pretty Anita is Tamang too

Also one of my favourites, handsome boy, bichhit

The other caste/group/whatever it is called, is Sherpa= my favourite.

Mero Pasang

 Dolma sati hehe

Dolma baby

My lovely phurwa

Wangdu is Sherpa as well



There was Dr. Pemba as well. He is the orthopaedic surgeon. He is so cool. Sadly I didn’t snap a photo of us.😣

Now let me take a moment to say how much I like Sherpas. From what I have noticed. They are too cool! I witnessed a few Sherpa women giving birth! I could swear it looked almost painless 😌 they are strong women. Even Richard told me as far as he knows Sherpa women have a bit more power in this society.

*note about Nepal: yes it is a closed minded backward society in many aspects! Mais mon Dieu, they have one thing that makes the West seem like a backward hell! Women breastfeed their babies in public so naturally and normally. No one looks, no one cares, pourquoi? Parce que c’est normal!

So one day mero Pasang 2 takes me to have Sherpa day style at the Sherpa hangout

Then we switch to next door so we can have typical Sherpa food.

As we sat to eat. Table nearby had a group of men with 1 women and a baby in her arms. She is breastfeeding the baby 👶 while her husband chats with his friends. Then she wanted to eat and her husband jumped at a moment and took the baby away from his wife for her to have a chance to eat peacefully! 😍 Yes that doesn’t happen naturally in Nepal.I was so happy I was telling Richard all about it for him to state the above mentioned fact to me, that Sherpa women are super chouette.

Apart from Sherpa women being super cool, another fact is that the day you are born in becomes part of your name. (The day lisiting is courtesy of Wangdu)

Sunday..  saa Ngima

Monday..  saa dhawa

Tuesday..  saa mingmar

Wednesday.. saa lakpa

Thursday..   saa phurwa

Friday..       saa Passang

Saturday..  Saa  Pemba

En bus the other day, the Sherpa father was holding his child for mum to rest after we picked them up from the teaching hospital. I surely couldn’t take a decent picture.

Cannot remember what else I wanted to say about Sherpa.

Ah well there must be other casts within the Mongols/Buddhist, but I don’t know them.
If I ever wanted to be a Nepali, I want to be a Sherpa for sure.💪


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