Night transformation 

At night the hospital had a different life and colour to it.

The ER at night.

I had moved to Richard’s, time was slipping away from my hands as running water. Yet I managed to shake things up. Whenever Richard was busy or out I danced like a maniac in the room haha

I decided to pick up night shifts. During the day it is just too crowded. Also I wanted to avoid mistakes that happened before by the new volunteers.

Side story: so there are certain systems in the hospital. I was tired and the hospital was so crowded with volunteers eager to help. I understand the keenly effort being presented but damn it to hell you need to observe for at least 2 weeks before starting to intervene. They had mixed up the medication for the patient. I, without asking, had taken the medicine and injected it into the patient. Just to realise that me and the nurse had just given him the nebulizer medicine through IV! 😑2016-11-19-10-32-32

I am not going to say I am not held partially responsible, but when there are 7 volunteers in the room! 5 of them do not know what they are doing! Someone is bond to lose their life. I didn’t ask because I trusted my nurse and I was genuinely fatigued to death. Regardless of this drama, I took the full blame! Ended up in me losing the trust I had from staff! Especially after ugliest /Sumon spread the rumor of me being fully at fault. I took the blame because these little children could lose their job! End of the day I lost mine!

Better it was, to be on night duty where there is no one but me and 3 more staff.

One of my favourite night shift staff is the night duty guard.

He is so cool and funny! Also one of the best English spoken in the hospital

The hospital’s night gown had a certain charm to it. My God some nights it got so quiet it was amazing. Not even Barking dogs. I had to share the moment with Anna haha

While I am sleeping in a sleeping bag

Like a piece of potato 🍟=close enough

Some other random snaps of different shifts

Idk what’s wrong with my face and the lighting in this picture.

When shift is almost over. We look like hell 

Waking up at home after a night shift

It is cold

The doctor flip flop. Hilarious

Also that one day I ran to night duty with allergies

After waking up in the hospital 

Sometimes before my shift I had the chance to meet some my favourite people in Kathmandu to have dinner and snacks

Some nights, I had to wait till day time for baby delivery and blood test result for my allergies.

Cute baby 

So, idk what happened to me. But suddenly it seemed like I was allergic to Nepal. I had 2 anaphylactic shocks. One I let go for more than I should the other I ran into the pharmacy and got my medicine.

My face and my body would puff for no reason, picture after medications


Some days in the morning haha I see stuff like this

Anyway, thankful to all night shift drama.

Short and sweet for today, most of the readers may have some sort of a hungover after partying all night.

I sure did


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