Forgotten 🤔

Surely I will forget many people and things when I write this blog.  But I am going to try my best to go through my images and remember what happened and who I met.

See, here is how I function. My memory capacity is reserved for medicine. Anything else, is of no matter or significane. Except sometimes when I like my friends too much then I do actually care.

So, I shall start with 2 things on my mind.

1. The £1 pound cake I found a decent picture of it 😂  Ok not really, but I tried.

2. There was a Brazilian guy I met before I leave the Green house. He was so sweet and I found a few pictures of us looking good. So here is to Marco

Was nice having you for 3 days 👫

Chasing him with a tika. I think all volunteers have been over blessed with tika 😂 it is hilarious

This picture was hours before me and Marco had left the Green hell. Jay was keeping us company and helping me move.

How I look most of the time in the slow as a snail 🐌 Internet room

Medical colleges

One day I had asked one of my favourite people, Wangdu, to take me to the medical colleges they have in Nepal. 

First his college 

And the view 

The classroom view haha

Then medical college (where we send patients we can’t deal with)

Looks fancy, still it does not lack the Nepali touch

Then he decided to take me to a hill where the view is nice and Wangdu along with my other babies hang about 

Thank you so much for taking the time to show me around

On to another note, remember those Turkish cleaning companies? I ran into a few trucks collecting rubbish

My precious Lucy, when she left she had left something precious with me from her.

Precious lucy

Official visits

Ah yes, we had the Indian president for a week in Nepal. Out of all places he decided to stay in a hotel next to my work, Hayatt. Whenever he wanted to pass the streets must be emptied of even dogs. I didn’t know. I was walking and saw police and military everywhere and as I look Nepali to them, they wanted to shove me behind a gate. See the gate on the right below.

As I ran left of the gate, a man in that shop pulled me inside to hide me and explained in Nepali that it is for security measures. Meanwhile an old lady was fighting with police outside.

Scary moments

Accidents in Nepal

And … when Nepalis get in an accident haha all lie about whose fault is it! Haha it was quite hilarious, no one got hurt.

Hard work

Remember how I told you Nepali people are hard working? Sometimes it amazes me, some other times it makes me sad.

The child that had to row our boat in Pokhara (ignoring me and sweating like no tomorrow)

Children helping a move for a few rupees

Ok enough for today I think, right? I am writing this entry as I sit in a coffee shop for Wi-Fi 😂 waiting for people to show up so we can go party for new year’s event.

Anyway, hope all are celebrating if not enjoy reading this blog entry hahaha I can’t believe I have to go pay 5bhat to use toilet 🛁=close enough

With much love to everyone and best wishes for a happy jolly new year ahead. Nevermind the smoothie on my mouth haha


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