What is 🎂🍰? 

Among the population of this earth, 96.37% love cake (yes I made this up😂)

But for a real fact “Researchers concluded that cravings for the dessert were similar to those experienced by drug addicts. They found that the brain was left wanting more while eating ice cream in the same way as a person who regularly uses cocaine.”

Cake is my cocaine. It is my true addiction and ever lasting affair.❤

Let’s just say people love cake. I always loved having an affair with cake.
Cake is a stable thing that I can go steady with. Thus, whenever I am depressed, happy, hungry, or passing by a beautiful cake, I just buy it and eat it.

So how can one have an affair with cake? I made this thing I call cake date. I go on a date with cake. Sometimes take it home too 😅😘 especially that strawberry gateau from patisserie Valerie in the UK

I had bought one whole one and ate it for 3 days … look at it just look 😍

I had taught that concept to a few people throughout my life. But most recently it was Agnes and Jay who enjoyed what Mina calls cake date ❤ I am not sure how to explain it.

Quite simple, you go out on the hunt for a partner to bars, clubs, coffeehouse, parks, je ne sais pas. However you do it, I go on the hunt for my affair/cake to bakeries and cake houses 😍

Without further due

First it was my Pasang and I with cake dates in Nepal (I miss her so much) she introduced me to this place called Flavour cafe. I took so many people back because their cake was so good.

 Almost Full view of flavours cafe

Then it was Jay

Then Jay got addicted to the cocaine of cake and went on a crazy hunt for the perfect cake (I think we must have ate more than 10 slices)

That was in a place called the cake shop. My goodness it was so good.

Because it is an addiction, Jay as a new addict to this affair decided to spend his last hours in Kathmandu hunting for cake. That’s what we did.

 Ja, after the second stop we went into a coma, thus no more pictures just eating.

Then Dr. Esna was the next cake victim haha but she actually loves cake just as much as I do 😍

The cake during that day was gone already so haha

Then my lovely Agnes

Surely Meena did not escape either haha

Nor did Nick from Greece (Ok it was cousin of cake in this picture, it is called pastry)

Even atm

Let’s all raise a 🍰 slice to all 🎂 cakes around the world. I love you and you will forever be my affair ❤ I shall never cheat unless a sexier cake come by 😂

With much cake …



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