khana 🚫 leftovers 

This is the entry that I have been promising for awhile.

Food entry

Food has not been such a concern for many people. Suddenly the entire world is interested in good food! I assume society becoming a tad cheaper and people a tad richer yield in the sudden climax of interest in food! Good food that is!

Excuse me while I indulge 🐷

Before I moved to Nepal I was in Amsterdam enjoying simple pleasures like fruits and veggies in 50 cent bags 😍 (those people know how to attract my Scottish stinginess)

It was the first place Cora took me. She knows me too well 😂

Among other pleasures like my work of art , strawberry covered by Galaxy chocolate melt. 🍫🍓 I make things like this when I am bored since I was 12 🐷

Other great but simple pleasures 

And of course, this picture has 2 of my favourite things, Hagelslag and 1 pound cake 🐷😍

When in Dutch land, shop like the Dutch do (not even intended)

Troubled, I was leaving the carnival of palate to move to Nepal, where food may be tasty but there is nothing to compare.

As I arrived I was served a cup of tea. Woke up to dinner and went back to bed. Then 2 rules were created, eat your afternoon tea later and skip dinner. Other meals swallow without thinking.

Ok this is how I am going to divide it. I mostly ate breakfast and dinner at home  (thank God because the few days I had lunch there I gagged while eating)

I had lunch at the cantine in the hospital

 It looks gross, sometimes smells gross. The food is much better than the house as per my taste palates (ask Lena if you don’t believe me 😂)

I begged her a few times to come hang with me as I was lunching alone. Thanks Lena for being there.

Also courtesy goes to the family that cooked in the cantine, food was delicious. Handsome boy made my tokpa most of the days.

And pretty mum of baby made some of my other meal options too

Ah also Pasang took me to try typical Tibétain food called 

Ok off from dream land of delicious food to dog leftovers most of the days.

First week we made cute food, like flower shaped dough in a soup (very not good for your stomach)

and oily as hell bread (because Nepalis don’t have ovens!)

Let’s do dinner first. Some was good most was cold and some days it was leftovers from parties etc (during festival)

Breakfast on the other hand, never enough, sometimes too bad we can’t even swallow it.

Some days it was OK especially when we didn’t have many people and we had enough food for everyone. After a few weeks they won’t serve us more than 1 pancake saying there is not enough!

And some days when I came to eat so late

I usually had to have my second breakfast with snacks or just simply order tons of food at the hospital cantine, because breakfast was usually not enough.

Alas, food is food. I spend most of my money, if not all, on food. Wish I defecate 💩💩 money so I can spend it on food again 😂

When in Liverpool

Thank God I am writing this post in a country full of delicious food wherever you turn your head, I have almost finished 300 pounds on food only. I ate til I gagged 2 days ago. I just cannot stop. I shall be as happy as a pig 🐷 in mud. 

So when I lived avec mon oncle every time he walks into a room, he caught me eating 😂 he kept wondering how I don’t gain any weight. He does not know I walk over 4 hours per day and stretch and dance at every chance I get (be it bus stop or work)

So below are images of my relationship with food




Most of the time I end up like this

Sign off

Happy pig 🐷 rolling in food

 Oink 🐷


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