Madrid at night πŸŒƒπŸ’ƒ ?

Pokhara is such a tourist(ie) city. Local and international tourism. According to Sondre, Pokhara seems like Madrid at night, hence the popularity of the city. Quite an interesting remark, I never been to Madrid so I would not know any better. I was, however, wondering why the city was so popular.

On the way to Pokhara the ride was less crazy, long and less crazy. We had a nice nap. I already had my triage plan set in my mind so I could sleep more comfortably πŸ˜…πŸ˜Ž

some pics of the way to pokhara.

As we arrived we wander about to find our guest house, which btw, is the best thing we had in Nepal! The lady was so nice as well. Annapurna guest house, highly recommended. It helps that the guest house has a pretty garden as well.

Point to mention, Dr. Ajay wrote a list for me of things to do in Pokhara, so me and laura decided to check off that list.

First to check off was the main lake, Phewa lake. The temple in the middle of the lake sounded much more fancy that it actually was.20161026_094342

The child who row our boat was 12 if I remember correctly. Me and Laura tried to help rowing but failed haha views were nice.

We had gone to have dinner at a restaurant and my God how awkward it was. Supposedly, the pasta comes with a salad and bread on the side. We got neither so we asked for it and waited over 45 minutes for them to bring the side dishes for them to finally bring a toast and 1 piece of cucumber, tomato, and lettuce. Uncomfortable situation.

Next day, we had a nice breakfast at the guest house and the plan was to see all three main things on the list, Stupa/world peace pagoda, Devi’s falls, Gupteshwor Mahadev cave.

Climbing to that Stupa was pure hell ! Me and Laura are not cut for such exercise haha supposedly it takes 45 minutes to get up, I think it took us over an hour.

The view was somewhat worth it.



Also, while being rowed to the bottom of the hill, the boy that was rowing our boat had said that the stupa has signs all over saying quiet please or remain silent but Nepali people never care. True he was and it was somewhat annoying.

Climbing back down the hill to Devi’s fall was also hell, Laura ended up hurting her foot. Devi’s fall = complete waste of time.20161026_131429

Across the street is Gupteshwor Mahadev cave = even more waste of time.Β wp-1482061351696.jpg

Both were worthless to see! But hey I ended up buying a t-shirt for 2.9usd/200 rupee, not bad.

We went home extremely tired and hungry, we got lost and ate at a shaddy looking place then got back to the guest house, where Sondre was waiting.

Side story: the entire time me and Laura were gone, apparently the Green house had no water. Not even for washing dishes (so 1 week of rottened dishes) food was getting worse, people started stinking! Sondre decided to ditch Kathmandu and intrude in our plans (me and Laura) not like we had any. Main plan was to just relax and have fun.

We went out on the lake side, very nice setting, to have a quick dinner. We needed to go home sleep early because we had plans to watch the sunrise on Sarangkot. Meaning we had to wake up as early as 5am.

The sunrise was so nice, I cannot put it in words. I had wished to be able to just make my eyes transform the beauty of it, to my friends.


We tried to be funny doing a titanic pose with me in the back haha


Then LauraΒ in the back (makes more height sense)

Laura and Sondre have been calling me a diva for quite a while so I was making poses of sending kisses to my fans πŸ˜…

After the beautiful sunrise we had our breakfast and got ready to go rafting. Laura and I never been rafting before, we were a tad bit nervous, and my God when they started giving instruction, it did not help.Β snapchat-2090241165.jpg

Before they start anything I wanted to empty my weak bladder. Laura and I walked towards a shed/people’s house, I asked for a toilet. I do not know why they did not want me to use their toilet and asked me to urinate behind their house. I am sorry, but I did haha and I ended up wiping myself with a tree leaf.

Rafting was insane! Laura ended up falling off the boat, and hurting her lumbar.


Laura’s savor πŸ˜… he kayakedΒ so quickly and saved her back to our boatΒ wp-image-2036305512jpg.jpg

On the other hand, I looked like a child haha in most of the pictures, that the photographer lost. So sad that he lost the pics, because Sondre’s shorts ripped off, he was so thankful to have had boxers under them haha

Laura and I ended up having a nap as we got back. While we napped Sondre went off to paraglide, he was leaving early morning the next day and needed to get things done. Β For Dinner, we went to the lakeside, it was so nice. As the live band play their music, Laura is hesitant to join. I push her to join, as I probably forgot to mention, she is a classical singer. Her voice is so nice, she joined in, had fun singing and got invited to a party tomorrow evening (Friday).


The next morning, Laura and I continue our journey alone (without intrusion :P) we went paragliding in the morning.

But my bladder attack again.

It was so nice.

On the way to paraglidewp-1482148093928.jpg


Pilot*** never mind the spelling mistake πŸ˜‘

While up in the air my pilot asked me out. Honestly it is usually good to have a local at hand. I wanted so badly to go swimming in an secluded area and who will better know where.14581395_147776079023655_5675555074861535239_n

I gave him my FB, as the pilots finish their work me and Laura took a nap. They picked us up bought us momos and took us to a river in a village to swim.

It was so nice.

Secluded area*

The water was cold so the boys were giving up.

It was very beautiful.

wp-image-442871598jpg.jpgAfterwards, we went to meet up with Laura’s fan band haha she sang while I sat with her pilot, who was getting completely wasted (then going to work the next morning).

Pokhara turned out to be not so Madrid after all. Night life ends at 10 and only one place (a dive) is open. It cost 10 usd to get in! for what! I refused and Laura decided it is smart to refuse. We walked home, it was a nice walk. Fell asleep and woke up to catch our bus after a delicious breakfast.

P.S.: I forgot to mention, the day we were supposed to go rafting, I think that shaddy place had done its job on my intestine. As we ate our breakfast I felt so weak and faint, rushed to the toilet to have a lovely session of diarrhoea. For some reason my first instinct was to take off all my clothes haha as Laura knocks on the door I say to her I am naked and I do not know why πŸ˜‚ I am just strange.

Another p.s.: I can’t get my hands on my paragliding videos so when I do I will post them.

On the way back, ride was smooth, just long. Both of us were not looking forward to going back. But ah well.

She was leaving to Thailand, I was staying for a few more weeks. The house was emptying of everyone I knew. I was genuinely not looking forward to being there at all. But Mederic was finally in Nepal so I was a bit relieved I may have someone after all.

Lazimpat 22:07


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