Jungle Mangle 🏞

As the 5th week approach, me and Laura excitedly packed to go to Chitwan and Pokharah.

Before we left, we had asked Rajesh to book our Chitwan trip. The Green Lion books trips for volunteers. Rajesh told me they do not take a percentage but it sure does not make any sense. Especially that a week ago from today Anke had said to me it did not cost her as much when she booked it on her own. I am just glad Laura booked our Pokharah trip. All what we did there was relax.

Anyway, on with the trip details. Chitwan was the first stop. My God the ride to Chitwan was amazing on all levels. Crazy as the roads are still being hmm made? and the nature is stunning.Β snapchat-550086003

During the bus ride, as Laura sleeps, all I could think of is “what if the bus crashes or falls over the cliff? how will I manage the triage, I will be able to depend on Laura to assist me in healing everyone” haha. I could not help but spend half of the bus ride arranging everything in my head. Apart from my madness of thinking of work all the time, here are some pictures from the road trip to Chitwan.

At arrival, we get picked up by the Jeep of the resort, we head to the resort eat our lunch and receive our trip plan.snapchat-1825272865

Let me pause and note something, since the green lion reserve for theΒ volunteers the same resort, we heard from the girls before us that the guide is so charming and handsome. Hence, me and Laura raised our expectations until he came and introduced himself. Laura was actually in denial that it is the same person the girls were drooling over. I, on the other hand, was gladly, satisfied to have a different preference.

Moving on, we went to watch the sunset (saw a crocodile pictured below) Β and had drinks on the river bank.

But before all of that we saw an elephant🐘🐘, and my dreams were coming true. I am a huge Nat Geo wild channel fan. I love animals so much that my uncle calls me monkey and I learned to make so many animal sounds for the kids I used to au pair haha I just love animals and can rant about this love for hours. snapchat-55926052120161023_171251 Also, note to self, thank the lord for my hiking boots, yes they are huge but my God without them I would have not been fine falling over my arse lots of times.

Afterwards we went to watch a cultural show, and let me tell you, me and Laura were so tired we could barely stay awake. Before we went inside the cultural building, our guide handed us something and said people suck it like candy (it is strange so we had to spit it right as he disappeared)

Night time. Again as we heard from the girls who came to this resort before us, that there were some ‘wild’ animals in their huts. We decided that staying in a room is bond to be safer. My thought was I would be the only wild thing in that room πŸ˜…πŸ΅.

It is in the middle of the night. I awake at the squeaking sounds behind my bed, suspecting the wild animal is paying a visit.

Me, whispering in fear: Laura Laura

Laura, whispering as well in fear: yes?

Me: I think there is a wild animal in the room.

few minutes later, lights turned on, experience living in the UK for awhile and you know what a mouse sounds like πŸ˜‚ so yes it turned out to be a mouse, or mice. πŸ€πŸπŸ­

Morning time, we had a little of misunderstanding about the fact that we wanted elephant safari not jeep safari. As Nepali as they can be, they tried to convince us that we had to pay more. When clearly Rajesh had told me a jeep safari costs more money. As the cheap Scottish self I am, I rejected and demanded an elephant safari. Sure enough we got it.

We took a jeep ride to the elephant safari.

Also as creepy as he usually is, our guide tries to hit on Laura so badly.

Seeing the elephants from afar, I was in distress needing to hug that elephant πŸ€—πŸ’• and be closer. As soon as it was near I just jumped right next to it and hug it etc


oh my God I wish I can own an elephant or just live in the jungle. The safari started and we moved on top of the elephant in the jungle. Mon Dieu, that jungle was so peaceful. Pin-drop silence. I saw the Bambi group move around with such quietness 😍. It saddens me to know that people normally mangle things like those natural habitats of beautiful animals.snapchat-1279237592

I finally hugged the elephant goodbye and fed her a banana and went for a break then excitement to shower elephants.Β 20161024_101358Β But first you must know, I am so glad I had Laura, she was so fully prepared for almost everything. As per the usual I came not prepared at all. Thus, I had to borrow Laura’s swimsuit, the guide’s shorts and slippers. Made me look like a Napli thug.snapchat-485494784

Apart from the looks,Β c’est incroyable. We Absolutely loved washing the elephants.snapchat-205910492

Oh but one thing πŸ˜… there was elephant πŸ’© floating in the river, I mean what should I expect! It is a river in the jungle πŸ’©πŸ˜‚ didn’t stop Laura from swimming in it 🏊snapchat-459363192

We had a nice time rowing through the river of crocodiles 🐊.

Before that, I had asked to sit down and was given a primitive chair looking thing. As I sat on it, the Nepali guides started laughing and chattering. I asked why, they replied ‘there has never been a foreigner that sat on this before.’ Not sure why would anyone not sit on it if they were tired! It was a broken chair on top of another broken chair haha sadly I did not save the picture. Gladly I am a rule breaker haha causing smilesΒ snapchat-2023645804

While we rowed with the crocs we ran into a rhino, who had lost a fight for mating (poor thing).20161024_151628

Moving on to the jungle walk. Breathtaking I tell you. It was so nice my God I cannot put it in words.Β snapchat-1515200006

In the middle of our jungle walk, we passed tiger scratch marks on the tree πŸ…, bear foot prints🐻, rhino foot prints etc of wild animal marks. Suddenly, we heard an animal loud aw from afar. Shitless (for lack of words, pardon my language) we froze while the guide said to us to freeze and wait for him to check what is happening 😢. Few seconds later he comes back shoves us under a tree and says to us to pretend to be nothing! Or something along those lines as there is an angry rhino around. (mate, if I had lost a fight I would be angry as well.) All I could think of were two things, ‘please do not pee yourselfπŸ˜–,’ ‘I wish not to die by herbivore who will not even consider snacking on meπŸ˜….’ Sure enough we survived and walked about. I tried to climb a tree, failed miserably as I got scared of a cockroach on the branch and fell onto the guide haha we ran into the angry rhino a while later. 10 meters away  😍 flutter my heart πŸ’–πŸ’ž

pictures of the peaceful jungle.😍 Makes me wish I was Mowgli of the jungle book.

We ventured into the elephant breeding center. Guide said there are only females and babies, and that there is a legendary male ‘Ronaldo’ who is wild and comes to impregnate the females and goes away. Rarely is he seen, what a mystery.20161024_164908

There is this cute resemblance of size for you20161024_1648142

Surely, me and Laura’s crazy were not having enough of being in a jungle and not wild. After dinner we went to the river bank, smoked a shisha/hookah and drank beer. Half way through our session of relaxing, our guide decided to play a game with us. Truth or dare, who doesn’t know that game. He started off nicely and mannered, little later he started crossing over his limits! Rudely asking us to have sex with the chair !!!! Where was the charm those girls talked about. Ah let alone the spitting he was doing every other word. His pot belly! Ah just everything, I do not know what they saw in him. Anyways, he offered us some weed, Laura tried, and I decided to stay clean just in case (also I think it smells like horse shite.)20161024_203928

However we managed to get away from that guide and his desperate attempts to get both of us in his bed! While we slept at night, exhausted from the long day. Our orange snack bag (bag full of snacks for the bus ride) started making sounds.

Laura: Mina what the hell are you doing?

Me under my mosquito net: girl I am in bed, told you ain’t nothing getting me from under it except my bladder. (hey no one wants to risk a malaria mosquito taking a bite of my sweet -O blood.)

Laura: then what is happening in the bag?

I, cowardly: turn on the light and see what is going on.

All the drama was caused by this tiny mouse who ate the bag and not the food haha pictures taken cowardly by me from under my mosquito net.snapchat-709650949

Once again, Laura saved the day. Morning we took the Jeep to the bus stop, and off to the next adventure of Pokharah.

Oh I forgot to mention, I saw pumba.


See you in Pokharah πŸπŸ–πŸ•πŸšƒ


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