Dashain what?

Nepal- 3rd week

If my memory serves me well, we had gone to Bhaktapur the weekend after my introduction week, Monique had taken us with her (6 ladies total) 2 new girls had joined us from the new group that just arrived. Then for 1 week I was in the hospital with Anna and Laura was having her introduction week before we start going together to the hospital for 1 week.

*my Laura= my roommate Laura

* Laura = another dutch girl joined me in the hosptial

In the House

The incoming group that Laura/doctor to be, had belonged to had 14 or 15 people. The house was pure hell πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ too crowded. But we managed (the older group) to make new friends with the new group with the help of Rajan

And then I made friends with 2 boys of that group 1 was working on the dog project/dog shelter, Andrew.

And the English accent Norwegian going to the village, Sondre, “call me sunny” he said 🌞 “there is nothing sunny about that accent” I say β˜β›…πŸŒ€

The weekend of the second week comes along, we get 1 new member in the house, David the American boy. Since he was the only arrival he was not getting an introduction week. Mais mon dieu, how nice it was with the house not having many people. Me and my Laura resumed our schedule, Lucy had left that week.

One day, as me and Laura/doctor to be, were walking back home, David was walking the opposite side to go to Bouddhanath Stupa  (which if you remember is 10 meters away from my hospital and cost money/120 npr to go inside) I had offered to David to take him and sneak him in for free. The offer was: I sneak you in, and go have tea while I study, you go around and discover the stupa.

David, not prepared for photo at all. IMG-20161012-WA0018.jpeg

When he finished discovering we had a chat, a cup of tea and ended up walking home because the buses were full and it was rush hour. Just as I arrive home I run to shower then sit on my bed for my Laura to walk in,

My Laura: So did you kiss?

Me puzzled: kissed ? who ? David? girl I took the child to the temple and studied and he toured it on his own!

My Laura: but Dr. Laura said you guys went together so it is like a date, no?

Me πŸ˜‘: who the hell goes to a date in a temple?

Later, I figured out people do go on dates in temples in Nepal πŸ˜‚

So yes, rumours had started slowly that me and David had something going on πŸ˜…did not help that I was friendly with other people too/mostly the boysπŸ˜… he did not know, I pretended I did not πŸ˜‹ a few weeks later I come to know it was because I am quite friendly and only the boys seem to want to actually talk and have fun, while the rest of the girls (minus me my Laura and Stephanie) had nothing to do but be catty towards one another 🐺🐱🐈


Starting my third week in the hospital I had to introduce the new volunteer, Laura/doctor to be, to the hospital and the staff.

Laura and I while bored snapping in the ER

Because of course the Green Lion people are too busy to do their job! So I have to do it for them! Not that I mind, it was nice to have company on my second week in the hospital, as I was missing Anna so very much πŸ™. But again, formalitΓ©s! Even Laura was quite upset about it and kept complaining to me (I think she wrote it in her review for travelactive and greenlion)

It was my first day and week in the ER. As I sat the doctor on duty was Dr. fatso(motte)/Shaker. I did not know anyone in the hospital at that time. Mais 😣 monsiegneur, he gave such a bad impression and put me in the spot! Way to start the day 😐 and the internship. For some reason people just think je suis a quack or something and he did not believe a word I said about my work and put me into question! I was so annoyed and messed up the quiz he gave (simple take my pulse). My annoyance started because for 45 minutes before my quiz we discussed my salaries and money. Je ne sais pas why, but Nepali people boundaries are awfully not maintained! Laura was of no help either she sat and watched πŸ˜…

So first impression of Dr. Shaker: Ah what a condescending person! It will be hell to work avec him 😢 So I got back home felt so heavy and studied a lot.

After a while I started teasing him a lot so we became cool and in a teasing war πŸ˜‚

The other doctor I had to work with during Dashain was Dr. Ajay. As we met I noticed he is quite friendly, total opposite of motte! He gave a nice informal, yet good first impression. He was running around the hospital in flip flops πŸ˜‚ Me and Laura could not help but notice it and smile πŸ˜…

 we had a fun conversation and he tried his best to include us into their activities when there were no patients around. When patients did come in, he took the time to explain everything so we don’t feel left out, so nice of him. We hit it off from the start, ehm ehm unlike someone else πŸ˜‚ can’t help but tease the fatso!

Laura was quite sneaky, snapping photos of everyone including me without us knowing. Here Dr. ajay explaining i paid attention and she took photos πŸ˜‚wp-1480863546316.png

Note: Dr. Ajay apparently could not celebrate the festival/or any other festivals because Hindus have a belief that if a family member passes away they do not celebrate for a year. Fascinating πŸ™‚

Me and Dr. Ajay after me running to get a donut as a birthday gift haha since I saw in the morning that it is his birthday  (thank you facebook) 2nd of Dec

and of course we share

Having  Laura around restricted my interaction to only the doctors! The week after I was going to be alone. I was excited and a tad nervous.

A few significant things happened in the hospital, we attended a c-section surgery. Cute baby girl, no complication smooth and quick! Although everything looked like what we do in my part of the world (UK US), their care for sterilisation was πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Surely I was trying to get closer to the cute volunteers and staff and help around

Oh yes I forgot to mention, for the festival the cantine was closed so this pictured below was used as a kitchen πŸ˜‚ (normally peds and ortho doctors office)

But like little babies we had our lunch packed for us anyway, not that it was good in any taste form or shape but we ate it out of hunger.

Some other significant things happened, I am not sure how appropriate it is to be put in my blog! Some people may get in trouble so hmm temptations! forget it.

On the other hand, back in the green house, 

Of course, Rajesh did not let the festival go without including us in the celebrations.

My Laura is a good girl and listened to them when they said eat with your hands, meanwhile I am stealing spoons from the kitchen.

During the actual day of Dashian

Duckface ttika (Laura, I, Anke) 😚😚😚

Finally, with all the festivities coming to an end, Meena was leaving for Chitwan and my Laura and I were adjusting in our placement and somewhat preparing for our trips as well. We met Meena for a last hangout before we saperate for holiday season.

Lazimpat, Kathmandu 12:43


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