What is happening ? oh monkeys πŸ˜πŸ’

Nepal- 2nd week

By Monday I had been told I will join Anna, who has been working in the hospital for 2 weeks already. The hospital I work at is called Stupa community hospital, it is located in Boudha in the northeastern outskirts of Kathmandu.

The hospital is definetly what I anticipated, worse actually, but I learned to adapt by the time I am writing this blog.

The nice part, from my point of view is that week was the week before the Dashain festival (I mean you know how they do it here, they prepare for months in advanceπŸ˜‹) but the hospital was quiet and not as busy. That was great because I got time to adapt and learn everything I needed to learn about the hospital.

My organisation, the green lion, turned out to be not so good! Instead of taking me to the hospital showing me everything, they just asked Anna, another volunteer, to take me with her! (I don’t think she mind, nor do I, I actually like her a lot) but still! FormalitΓ©s!

Me and Anna

Because of the festival almost everyone was gettting ready for the vacation except for the doctors, nurses, and the doctor assistants (volunteers).

First week at the hospital I just roamed around the halls and departments and was trying to familirise myself with the hosptial. Anna had to leave it was her last week. She is a midwife. For the reason that she is a midwife we spent the first week together in the gyno office and immunization room, where the babies get their vaccines. I learnt that Japanese encephlitise vaccine is free of charge for babies, newly introduced by the government. It is quite good of them, even with everyone complaining about the corruption, I can never say anything as I never live here as a citizen to know! But having that expensive as a flat’s rent, vaccine for free makes me happy for those people’s sake.

After I became a little comfortable and learnt about the staff I work with I started liking my work, the hospital is the only thing that I am liking to go to every morning in Nepal. See pictures below of the hospital Β (not the fanciest but it will do)

First thing I noticed (being the cleanfreak) this isolation ward with open doors and windows

The emergency room (where I spend most of my time)

*not that there will be any disaster in this hospital (it is a disaster of its own πŸ˜‚)

Of course by the time I am writing this blog entry, the ER has been reorganised. I will post updated photos later.

This is the cantine where we eat

Chhewang strolling in the back πŸ˜‚


(Above) The cantine does have a good view of the Boudha Stupa and the airport runway 😍

Generally first week was slow and boring, I just got to realise many things about how bad the Green Lion was! Absolutely not worth a penny I paid.

The weekend me and Laura went to the monkey temple, (I think Lucy was in Bhaktapur and Nakragot)

Of course I got to know 2 things, the monkey temple is a dating hot-spot Β (I assume because of the view/seen in a picture above) but it is beautiful. Also, it is actually called Swayambhu not the monkey temple.

Also my animal loving self, (I am a national geographic wild channel addict) when I saw the monkey alone, not on his mum’s back I heard one lady ask the man why; he said the mum died and I just started crying πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ’” I wanted to take it home so bad

Β but those steps were nice as well

That was the beginning of me and Laura crazy adventure haha I was so happy to have had her company with me! She is almost as crazy as I am πŸ˜‚

Anyway I need to study til Johannes comes to help me paint my new room. I will resume with Dashain festival in next blog (maybe later today)

Have a jolly day/night

Lazimpat, Kathmandu 10:17

But before, here are some monkeys swimming


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